Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hey everyone
Just want to let you know I'm on a week-long training for Reiki, a Jap healing method. It's so awesome. I'll be giving a homily on it either this Sunday or next, depending on what Fr. Tim's needs are. You'll be hearing from me more next week. Now, I'm not saying it's as powerful as this awesome Wicca stuff, since even Reiki can't raise a mouse from the dead. But we'll get everyone feeling really really good! I miss everyone!


larsterkhan said...

"a Jap healing method."???????!!!!???

Sister, I'll believe you'll find that's a derogatory way to refer to something or someone of Japanese descent. I'm shocked and appalled that someone at SOV2 would use such a term.

Anonymous said...

Dear larsterkhan,

I feel quite sure that Sister spelled out the word, "Japanese," but that a flaw in the spelling-checker software (no doubt programmed by a Rad-Trad) clipped the word down to a three-letter slur. Right, Sister?


Adrienne said...

Oh gosh --- I LOVE Reiki. There are so many sisters that are becoming Reiki Masters so I am glad to see you jump on the band-wagon. Reiki is great before or after centering prayer which helps us sink deep within ourselves and "feel the power" we all have.

Anonymous said...

Sister Fairah, did you get the Reiki idea from Sr. Joan?

Can't wait to hear the homily. Make it less than 5 minutes please, we have reservations for brunch.


Anonymous said...

I was actually posting from my iPhone and it truncated the correct word... no offense meant to anyone. I have respect for peoples of all heritages. Right now, i'm having a hard time respecting those latin-loving anti church so-called catholics, though. They really need to get a life and get on with a LIVING language.

It will be absolutely impossible to keep a homily on reiki down to 5 minutes! sorry... you'll have to leave after the homily, so you can be on time for lunch.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Sr. Fairah,

What are ye planning on using all this Reiki for? Planning to heal the broken hearts of all thine lesbian lovers? Console all the women you've counseled to get an abortion? Or to heal Fr. Tim, since ye have apparently got his 'two best mates' stored in a jar in thy condo?

C'mon, ye habitless man-hating diesel dike FemNazi, fess up to it! I want my list of thy heresies to be accurate when I show up in Knoxville to send my sword through thy makeup-encased, smarmy little face!

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC
Vocations Director

Adoro te Devote said...

Sir Rev. Feeney,

Makeup? Feminist anti-Catholic nuns like Sr. Fairah do not wear makup because they see it as a manifestation of the oppression of man upon woman. Moreover, they think that as it it tested on animals instead of humans, they can't in "good conscience" wear it.

I have to ask, though, that you calm yourself and stop making such violent references. With all due respect, although I believe Fr. Fairah to be in serious error and in mortal danger of losing her soul to the great anti-Christ of Reiki, there is no evidence that she is a lesbian or has broken her vow to chastity. Thank God for that! She has never been accused of any such thing and may I suggest that your obvious judgmentalism and violent tendencies might well be chasing people away from your own schmismatic version of what you call "Catholicism", which it is not?

So take thy sword and run t upon thyself if thou hast need of using it. 'Twould be better than casting stones at someone in false judgment, so at least you'd go to your death with only your own sins upon your soul as opposed to the death of those who have need only of being judged by God.

Give it a rest. You're out of control and you need a retreat before you hurt yourself or anyone else.

Do NOT make me call in the whitecoats; I have the authority to put you on a 72 hour hold and I am NOT afraid to use that authority! You may have rejected me and called me "Anathema", but in this world, in this situation, I have the clout to bind you physically. I suggest you calm yourself before your mouth writes yourself into state-run Federal facility.

H Robert Williams said...

Adoro, Leonard...

You both seem angry. Remember anger is all about fear. Let's confront our fears together. Let me know if you need a hug.

H. Robert

Adoro te Devote said...

H. Robert, with all due respect...if it were within my power, I'd lock you up, too.

If you even TRY to touch me, I'll pop you right in the face. Take your hugs to the Care Bears you keep nestled against your pillows at night and leave the rest of us alone.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Calm myself? Calm MYSELF? Zounds! Listen here, ye heretic who mock Truly Traditional Catholics by using Latin in thy name, I am far, far too calm considering the situation. Knoxville is ripe for a purging and restoration of True Faith!

Unlike thy unsubstantiated statements, I have been gathering intelligence on the leadership of the SPV2. According to my sources, Sr. Fairah is well-known in the Knoxville gay bars, as she is always there, quote "Reaching out physically and sexually to the dispossessed and ill-treated members of this oppressed minority who are struggling for their civil right to express their love for another." I'm sure Sr. Fairah thinks she hasn't broken her vow of chastity, just like her cruising around in a BMW and living in a condo with that 75" plasam screen TV doesn't break her vow of poverty.

It is true that Sr. Fairah would prefer NOT to use makeup, but years of protesting outside government buildings for abortion rights and legalized polygamy has left her face so leathery and wrinkled that she is forced to utilize such goop.

I weary of reminding ye heretics of this, but YOUR church is the schismatic brand of Catholicism. Ye Modernists have split from the Truly True Church and skipped off merrily into Heresyland, where everything is Kumbyah guitars around fires built of old confessionals, and happy little birdies painted on burlap banners. Don't expect us Truthy believers to follow you down the primrose path to the gaping maw of Hell!!

Ye think you have power to bind in this life? Ha! My cutlass would prove ye wrong in that regard!

(Adoro te Devote has been added to the list of heretics to be ridden down in a calvary charge)

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

H. Robert,
Remember our last hug, ye immortal heretic? I recall it fondly, because it resulted in five inches of cold steel protruding out thy back! Ah, good times, good times.

Anonymous said...

I am short on time and patience, "sir..." Once again, I confirm, I am not a lesbian. Take the plank out of your eye, "sir."

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

What-ho! I see thoust be adding lying to thy debaucheries, eh "Sister"?

"Sister", ye are short on looks and intelligence, but that doesn't stop ye from trying down at the local gay bar!

If I had a plank in mine eye, I would pull it out and use it to beat thy lesbian buttocks black and blue!

Now, why don't ye make things easier on thyself, repent of thy heresies, repent of thy homosexuality, and go to confession at St. Leo the Great Chapel?

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

Maryann McGronk said...

"Sir", with all due respect, you are completely out of control. This is a "no violence" zone. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and we will tolerate it for the good of the community and trying to be church, but you simply cannot continue carrying on like this. It's over the top.

We will either have to delete your comments or turn on comment moderation if you persist in making such gruesome threats.

You claim to be a Christian, yet there is no charitability in your tone. Have you never heard the term, "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?" First of all, if you want to convince anyone of your position, you'd best change your attitude because you've done nothing but offend this community and any visitors. Even I know that you're not the real Catholic Church. Adoro told me so, and so did Fr. Richsteig, and Fr. V., and a bunch of other people I disagree with who also disagree with YOU.

Perhaps if you were to take some time to explain your position, though, we'd be willing to give you a platform and have you come in as a speaker and enter into some kind of legitimate dialogue?

Because of your threats and past attacks, there WILL be heavy security, but in the interest in making peace and keeping it, perhaps it would be best that you have a true opportunity to speak your piece? We ask only that you pay us the same respect, agree or disagree, it's our right to practice our religion just as it's your right to practice yours.

Just dcn't confuse us with too many facts...we like things the way they are here at SOV2 but it seems you would benefit from our ecumenical outreach program, so there it is.

Yours to accept or decline.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Heretic Maryann,

Fr. Heidrich is often counseling me about coming on too strong. Perhaps this "dialogue" of which ye speak is possible. I would be happy speaking with thy "community" about the position of the Truly True Church in relation to thy sect. This week I am busy with our young mens' vocations retreat but next week I would be happy "dialoguing" with thee.

How about meeting me under the Sunsphere at about 9:30pm? Come alone, and don't tell anyone you're coming-- I'm quite shy...

Maryann McGronk said...

"Sir", I may be a heretic in your parlance, but I am not an idiot, and my domestic abuse advocate has in the past advised me strongly not to meet anyone privately until such person proves to be trustworthy. I cannot place you in that perspective.

The offer stands as originally stated; you have the burden of proof; it is YOU who must come to US, and you can come alone or with friends. It matters not to us, for we will, as I have stated, have massive security present. Our Security Director, Adoro te Devote, is indeed devoted to the safety of all, even though she is not church with us. But we had to hire her because she's female and she can kick *ss.

Anyway, you're not shy. I'm abused...not an idiot. And Adoro says she'll come with me.

Really, I don't understand how a womyn who is such a strong womyn can be so anti-womyn and why you hate her so much...I really don't understand, because we hate her because she wears a mantilla and tells us to be obedient to the pope....anyway...

If you want to speak, contact me and we'll set up a PUBLIC forum. If you want to walk so. This is not negotiable

radtradchad said...

How many times have I told you, Sir Feeney, DO NOT threaten the Modernist heretics! We pray for their conversion and put our noses in the air in their general direction

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Heretic Maryann,

Great, see what ye did? Now I be in hot water with my Father Superior! I apologize, Fr. LeJanvier, but this whole "peaceful conversion" bullcrap just really doesn't come second nature to me.

I too loathe Adore Te, because she flaunts the outward trappings of Truthiness but inside she be as dark and perfidiously false as a Modernist bishop on his black post-Conciliar throne!

Setup a time next week for me to come lecture to ye, and we shall see how easily convinced thoust be of thine errors! But make sure ye keep that dike "sister" of thine hidden away. I shall not be held responsible for what mine sword arm should doest if she shouldst appear when I am trying to "dialogue" with thou heretics!

(Oh, and say goodbye to thy cute little female dog that thou tie out in thy backyard between 2 and 4pm. That bitch will pay for thy insolent tone to a Holy Knight!)

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC
Vocations Director

Anonymous said...

OH, my gosh, this is TOO FUNNY!! I am laughing and chortling with unbridled glee. Please keep up the dialogue, we love it!

Adoro te Devote said...

Sir Feeney ~ Speaking as the Director of Security, I myself will ensure that you have no weapons on or about you at the time of your lecture. You will not be allowed any direct contact with any persons on this premesis, and you are only being allowed against my strongest of warnings. You are naught but a terrorist.

You are not Catholic. Hate me if you wish; I wear your hatred as a badge of honor.

You are NOT allowed to call anyone by derogatory terms. I'm not expecting political correctness; I loath PC myself, but you've already been shouted down with regard to Sr. Fairah. Have you not checked out the picture on the sidebar? She's as feminine as they come...but without the makeup. You have no call to judge her so harshly.

Nor have you any right to judge anyone here so harshly. You're inflicting judgments upon everyone, you've jumped to conclusions. I can speak from experience when I state that there are people here who are open to the truth, although you yourself don't carry it and they know it. They are only welcoming you with such open arms because they are generous to a fault.

(I can't believe I'm praising this "community"!) Yet they deserve to be recognized for what is good; you have done nothing but bring further evil.

One more bad word out of you, and you will NOT be allowed to speak here. In fact, you will be banned, we will obtain a court order, and any further contact will result in your arrest and quite possibly a prison sentence.

I doubt many will visit you for fear you might tear their throats out.

Give it a rest, put down your sword, and take some psychotropic medications. Your mental illness is completely out of control. I'm shocked that Fr. LeJanvier hasn't had you committed!