Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Poll is Closed!

Hey Everybody!

Well, I guess the people have spoken and in a really close call H. Robert's brain will be extracted from his body by Scientologists and placed in a glass jar near the Jacuzzi Hot Tub.

It was pretty cool how this process was so guided by the spirit and so many of you took the time to say HEY! GLOBAL WARMING! because that's what its about really is GLOBAL WARMING! I mean we've really got to start pressing on people to make sure they know global warming is a really bad idea. It's mean and unfair and we've got to do something NOW.

Anyway because of Global Warming we're going to hook up H Roberts brain to a solar powered windmill that converts hydrogen into electricity and that's how we're going to keep it alive like that. It's going to be really neat. Now I saw it before and I'm telling everybody that you'll want to touch the brain and things but don't because you have germs on your hands and they can kill it. So you'll want to wear gloves and things.

Anyway, I'm going to be taking H. Robert's frozen body out to Hollywood where they do this kind of thing all the time this weekend. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are supposed to help me and if I'm lucky I'll get to talk to Katie Holmes who is really pretty cute and stuff but to be honest I kind of liked Nicole Kidman better but she is kind of pale but she's Australian and everything so I think that's okay. But Nicole Kidman kind of lives in Nashville sometimes I think. I need to meet her and get her to sign my backpack.

Anyway, since I'll be gone and I think Father Tim and Sister Fairah is gone I think we'll probably just skip church this Sunday unless Maryann wants to say something because we don't want Todd to be doing anything because then you'll all just be singing and clapping all the time and won't really get the kind of spiritual facilitation that Father Tim and me do so well.


Oh Yah Eegah Inc! I'm not sure you read this but I said on your blog that "back when" I had a thing for Olivia Newton John and you said "what do you mean back when?" Well yah, I was thinking about it and I still like Olivia Newton John because she's kind of like Nicole Kidman except with blonde hair instead of red hair and Xanadu was one of my favorite movies. But you don't see her around probably because she's old and stuff. I also like Meg Ryan.

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EegahInc said...

Not to worry, Che. I attend here faithfully. Although I must admit I tend to hang out in the day chapel, I mean cry room, with the rest of the parishioners who forgot to respect their own rights to procreative choice. For some reason they seem to get less upset when I "forget" to hold their hands during prayer than the people out front.