Saturday, July 7, 2007

Back to the Dark Ages

I apologize for my absence; I was away dealing with a family emergency. We had to put a family member down; Grandma didn't want to live anymore so we had an earth ceremony, pulled out her NG tube and withheld food and water. She had cancer and with her doctor and the State of Florida Medical Board, we all decided it was best to be merciful and let her end her life with dignity, but without food and water, per her wishes. It was completely painless. She hasn't been able to speak since her vocal cords were removed a few years ago, and it was heartbreaking, because we couldn't hear her last words.

She kept grabbing her throat and making water motions...I think she was trying to tell us to follow the water and make our own path through life. And she made motions towards the food we ate at dinner, and moved her lips like she was trying to speak, so we figured that, like she had told us so many times, the food before us, we must continue to share with others. So we actually packed up our leftovers and gave them to her neighbors; they are down on their luck. We would have invited them over to dinner had Grandma told us to before, so we just did the best we could when we figured out what she was saying.

Grandma can't write, since she had such bad arthritis, otherwise we would have had her write out her final words of wisdom for us. She died peacefully, still motioning about the food and water, wanting to die reminding us to live for others and bring food to the poor, and make our way like water through the Universe, until we, like her, go to become one with the Universal Consciousness.

Anyway, the dreaded "Motu Propio" has been released, which has effectively taken us back to the dark ages. I second all that Fr. Tim said, and I promise you all that we will work hard to preserve English in the liturgy. We will NOT go back to that oppressive ritual that worked only to enable clericalism and suppress the power of the people!


Father Tim said...

Hey! That is a really neat story, Maryann. We are all with you in oneness and communion. Thanks for being eucharist for your grandma!

Hidden One said...

I'm glad I'm not related to you. Recently.

Sr.Fairah said...

Welcome back, Maryann!!! We've got to get together. With all this talk about the Latin Mass, I've got hives head-to-toe. I really need some of your healing prayer and green tea. Did you get that pearl necklace from Grandma? It's all you talked about the last time we got together!