Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today's sermon

Hey! I guess your wondering why I am doing the sermon today. Father Tim is on retreat again. It was a last minute kind of thing but he said it was one of those exciting opportunities he couldn't pass on. You know as he says you;ve got to be church to yourself first before you can be church to each other and he is so right and that's exactly what this sermon is about!

Because today we heard about Martha and Mary. Mary is that woman who Jesus was always hung out with who people thought was John the apostle and Martha is her sister.

Anyway a lot of people are confused because they say stuff like "HEY! WHAT"S WITH THIS!" I mean why is Martha stuck doing all the work and Mary all having fun and stuff. Well the reason they don't know is because they haven't looked at what that culture was all about. And so they don't know that this is about POLITICAL AGITATION through IN YOUR FACE STANDING UP against opression against WOMYN.

Because back then womyn had to do everything. That's why Martha is in the kitchen because that's where womyn had to be except if they were actually giving birth at that moment. And they couldn't even wear shoes or anything. And so Jesus comes to visit and Mary immediately says "NO! I WON'T BE OPRESSED" and she goes and sits down in PROTEST and then Martha says "YEAH! BUT LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE!" and then Jesus says "MARTHA! Yah if you want to be all like supporting the current opressive society and everything you can keep working but Mary understands that you have to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!"

And do you think we treat WOMYN that much better now? HUH?! No because there are still people who say womyn can't be priests! Is that fair? No! And you know what? Its not just about womyn because its about animals and the earth too. We still think that the earth is like our big servant person and that we can do whatever we want. And the story says if you just go about working and things and say to yourself "well if I don't cook the food whose going to?" or "if I don't turn this thingy and make the water come out of the faucet whose going to?" No your just supporting Opression when you go along with them.

So that's what you have to do! And so tomorrow I want all of you to go out and go on strike with your posters and signs and say "I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE REGIME! STOP OPRESSING WOMYN AND SMALL ANIMALS AND INDIGENEOUOS PEOPLES NOW!"

But I think that cooking thing is a bit of what I think they call hyperbola because obviously womyn are a lot better at cooking then men except Emeril who is AWESOME except he uses too much dead animal in his food. I like Rachel Ray a bit more sometimes but she's not really my type. The womyn cook I really like is that Everyday Italian girl because she is SO HOT because she has all that long hair and smiles a lot. So I think that its okay if womyn cook.

Anyway keep voting in the H Robert poll!



Anonymous said...

I would give a million dollars to have heard your sermon. I am so sorry I live so far away from Knoxville and your faith community. Thank heavens we have the web to experience church with SOV2.

No one says it quite like you. And I love Rachel Ray.


Sir Lefebvre Fellay Denzinger, HKTTC said...

Hola, el hermano Latino,

Chicas are to do all the work, esse. That way, we hombres can do the fighthing, si? Otherwise, me gusta your homily,yo.

Rev. Feeney, who is one smart gringo, he says you handed your huevos over to a bunch of womyn a long time ago, but hey, I defended you,bro, I was like "No se preocupe! Heretic Che' has Latino sangre, man, he's just hanging with the Spv2 because he likes los animales and vegetables so much."

Hey! I like los animales too, they are great to hunt! C'mon Che', bro', join the True Church and that way you won't die and go down to El Infierno and we cans hang out, yo!

Buenas noches,

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Guys! Thanks for being so cool and stuff. I had to kind of just think that up on the fly and I didn't have much time to really think about it so much.

Anyway, Leffy, I thought you guys were really cool but you don't wear berets which is really major to me. And the other thing is I know that Crusader Guy doesn't let you do the "wenching" stuff and even though I'm not sure what that means I think it means I can't hang out with Taheetee and Britnee and Candee.

Oh yah! Could you make Julia Roberts your patroness? That would be cool.