Saturday, July 7, 2007

Motu Proprio: Turning Back the Clock

Hey! Well, it was a GREAT retreat, but what happens on the day that I get back? Nothing less than the Pope TURNING BACK THE CLOCK with his "Moto Propio" document "Summorum Pontificum" saying that the Mass has to be done in Latin. I have lots of problems with this, which I will enumerate:

  1. It's a radical break from the past! The traditions of the last forty years have just been thrown out like they have no value at all.
  2. It will confuse people! The faithful have grown up with the Spirit of Vatican 2! Now you're telling them to do things different - pray different - be different! What kind of message does that send?
  3. It's unenforcable! You can't make people start saying the mass in a different language! You certainly can't make ME do it!
  4. It's offensive to the Jews! There's a whole part in the mass somewhere that says that Jews are going to hell. PUHLEEEEZE! Come on. Not only is the concept of "hell" outdated, but you just can't go around offending the Jews. At least not if you want to get a mortgage or a car loan. Also, they make all the good movies.
  5. There is no Latin equivalent to the phrase "earth-mother"
  6. The Latin Mass is too long

There are a lot of other reasons too. But hey! Good news! Oh... Mr. Pope... there's this little thing called PRIMACY OF CONSCIENCE! So guess what! Publish all the little documents you want. I'm going to be saying the mass in English and there's nothing you can do about it. And it's not just me. Everyone from Cardinal Mahoney to Archbishop McBrien will be saying the mass in English. And you can take that to the bank!


Dad29 said...

What are YOU doing publishing the private correspondence of Bp. Trautman?

Timothy said...

Well, it clear which blogger has not yet read the document.

1. Nothing has been thrown out.

2. No one is being told to do, pray or be different.

3. No one is being made to say Mass ina different language.

4. It is offensive to the Jews because its Christian and not Jewish. Nowhere in the Mass does it ever state that Jews are going to hell.

Also, Primacy of Conscience has to do solely with ambiguous moral situations. Outside of those rare conscience moments, Catholics are to be obedient to Christ's very visible Church.

You can find links to the Motu Proprio and some interesting dissections at:

God bless

Anonymous said...

Can't you Catholics all parody-fight with each other without insulting the Jews, or claiming, a la Bishop Williamson or Robert Sungenis that evil Jews control world's finances?

Let me know when you traditionalists get that geocentrism thing worked out.

H Robert Williams said...

Dear Mz or Mr Anonymous.

How RIGHT you are dear friend. People like Robert Sungenis and Bishop Williamson are quite anti-semitic. They need to confront their latent (and sometimes not latent) racist attitudes and as I have said take ownership. Racism is like alcoholism. It works first and foremost in those people who fail to recognize it themselves.

However, I take some umbrage from your phrase "you Catholics." You might not be aware but that is one of those phrases which absolutely screams out "I am sterotyping." I have almost invariably found that when one begins lumping people into groups in one place it almost always means one also has certain pscyhological issues that need to be confronted through active intervention.

I recommend to you the course at Villanoce On-Line college entitled "confronting our inner bigot - how to be more inclusive in a diverse community" which I teach for a modest fee.


H. Robert

P.S. Really to be lumped in with the likes of Robert Sungenis!