Thursday, July 5, 2007

College & University Part II

John Carroll University, Cleavland:
1. 5 (Allies)
2. 1 (they have a labyrinth!)
3. 0
4. 5
5. 0
6. 5
7. 5
extra: +2 for information about the womyn-freeing pill available
Total: 23


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Fairah,

May I try to persuade you to upgrade your evaluation of my "alma mater," John Carroll University from "Good (not great" to "Very good"?

I was a [male -- horrors!] student at JCU from August, 1969 through May, 1974, so I was able to see how the SOV2 had taken root, a few years before, and how it has blossomed in the decades since I graduated.

I offer the following facts in the university's favor, as part of my campaign to persuade you.

I. Diversity, as evidenced in student organizations, such as the following:
---- Amnesty International
---- Asian Cultural Organization
---- College Democrats
---- French Club
---- Generation Green
---- Green Life
---- Habitat for Humanity
---- Hip Hop Dance Club
---- JUSTICE (Jesuit University Students Together In Concerned Empowerment)
---- Latin American Student Association
---- Middle Eastern Student Association
---- Students Against Discrimination (SAD)

II. Diversity, as evidenced in a multi-gender, multi-cultural faculty, a few of whom I now list:
----- Dr. Abdulrazaq A. Imam, Assistant Professor of Psychology [potential friend of Dr. Al-Fakkir]
----- Dr. Elmer Anita Thames, Assistant Professor of Psychology [and possible hermaphrodite]
----- Dr. Tamba Nlandu, Assistant Professor of Philosophy [from Democratic Republic of Congo]
----- Dr. Joan M. Nuth, Associate Professor of Religious Studies [and feminist extraordinaire -- author of a book about 15-Century womyn mystic, Julian of Norwich, who wrote, "As truly as God is our Father, so truly God is our Mother," and has a feast celebrated by the Episcopal Church.]

III. Improvements since my graduation, including:
----- Coed dorms
----- Brochures on condoms available in Student Union Building
----- Article on all forms of contraception in student newspaper
----- Liturgical dancing in (Jesuit-staffed) parish just off campus.

Well, what do you say, Sis?

Anonymous said...

PS: John Carroll University (the Blue Streaks) are in University Heights, a suburb of Cleveland [not Cleavland]. The year before I started there, the first womyn's dormitory had opened.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to stick with what I found on the website. I will give a 2 to "pregnancy alternatives" since the Information on that womyn-freeing pill is readily available. However, they still don't offer any prayer services for our brothers, the muslims and Budhists.

As far as the spelling of ANYTHING goes, I am a firm believer that spelling, like faith, is in the heart of the speller. As long as what I write is readable by others, I'm not getting hung up on a vowel or two out of place.

Thanks for the feedback!

New rating: 23.