Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hey! Well, the radtrad 'blogs are all in a frenzy about that Moto Propio document. Just today, I came across a blog by Timothy that demanded an immediate response. I am somewhat uncomfortable banning this 'blog because I'm not sure that Timothy is Catholic, and the first rule of Ecumenism is that people who aren't Catholic are probably pursuing their own equally valid Truth. But I think Timothy is really a Catholic and is pretending to be a Mere Christian:

Christian Apologetics Society: PH,T,R,O

Also, just in case Timothy is not a Catholic, I am also banning this 'blog, which seems to be RadTrad NeoCatholic:

Knoxville Theological Society: PH,T,O,C,EM

Peace out, and DOWN WITH THE MOTO!

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