Monday, July 2, 2007

Picnic Update

Hello folks,

I just wanted everyone to be aware that a certain person of dubious character and styling himself a "knight," (obviously delusional and quite unstable) has been making threatening remarks concerning the upcoming picnic.

This is not the first threat, I believe, this faith community has had to suffer. In fact two previous attempts to stifle the spirit have already failed.

Still we will be taking certain extra-precautions as a means of averting any potentially awkward and uncomfortable situations. But don;t be alarmed as the nature of our precautions will not only ensure our safety but also provide extra-enjoyment and go along with our Eco-Theme "Stewardship is a Garden for All." More details to come but let's just say we will soon be seeing each other in a different light, LOL.

H Robert


NAT! said...

Yo H Robert,

(do you mind if pronounce your name "Roe-BARE" a la français? Because I'd really like to...)

Might I make a humble suggestion as to the security measures? Make them very peaceful. And controlling. Like, I dunno, every five minutes or so, order a command that the People should move to a different spot, in single file. And could the picnic be held in the middle of the night with bonfires. Wake all the participants up and order them to march in arbitrary columns, until we get to the Place de Revolution...I mean the picnic area....but perhaps I've already said too much?


radtradchad said...

Certainly. We would want any--unfortunate incidents--to occur during our merrymaking that would disrupt "ecumenism" between our two "Churches"

Which reminds me, Vincenzo said he is bringing some friends of the Family which I had not accounted for in the reservations. I hope that does not conflict with your catering plans.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

H. Robert,
Greetings, old immortal enemy of mine. I see thou are back to thy normal perjuries--flinging about lies like 'delusional' and 'unstable.' But ye have graduated to the most infamous slanders of all--'of dubious character', 'styling himself a knight.' Villainous! Calumnious!

How DARE thee question the probity and carriage of a holy consecrated knight-monk, called by a vision bestowed by the Almighty Himself, sworn to defend the Truly True Church to his last dying breath. Villainous! Even the pagans would not stoop to such infamous slander.

Of course, I am not surprised of such tactics, coming from thou, the libidinous bastard son of a lame-legged, dissolute Norseman and an apostate Frankish whore. Yes, that's right, I can sling mud with the best of them, foul perjurer! And I sling blood with my sword better than all!

Take all the extra precautions thou desireth; I assure thee they shall be for naught! Ten thousand legions of Hell's darkest demons could not prevent me from stamping out the heresy of this 'faith community'!

Mark my words, immortal heretic from Lucifer's bosom: I shall be revenged upon thee, in this world or at the very gates of Hades itself!

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

H Robert Williams said...

"Ro-Bare" (Ha ha ha ha ha). No I do not mind, that would be very nice. I have always admired the French. You know I always thought it was essential that people travel to different parts of the world and really get to see America from the outside as it were. It is amazing how eye-opening it is. I think that America would be a better place if we had a mandatory exchange program where we could fully enculturate our young into the world community. Let's not be Americans but just americans because we are really just citizens of the world. An important message, don't you think, for this time of year.

Oh and Leonard, I understand that you received a copy of our "weapons-free" policy and so it will not be necessary to take more drastic actions to prevent an unfortunate scene. By all means you are welcome at the picnic but I hope you leave some of your dark ages mindset at home.

H Robert

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Immortal heretic,
Ye have been saved by Rev. Fr. Michael's intervention. I am bound by the Vow of Obedience to obey Father's dictates. That doesn't mean I must be happy about it! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Enjoy the picnic, apostate scum. I shall be there, ready to put potato salad on your seat when ye are not looking.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC
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