Friday, July 27, 2007


Hey everybody! Well, the retreat in spain was really cool, but then we met up with a busload of Minnesotans who were on pilgrimage from Granada (where they were having a prayer meeting to apologize for the Catholic expulsion of the native muslims in the 1500's) to Dubeldorf, which is where I'm at now. What a lively bunch of folks! Anyway, I'm happy to see that H. Robert's brain will be recovered. But since Che won't be around this weekend, I'm going to have to ask Ngyuen to put up a new "poll" to see who the peoples want to give the homily this Sunday.

Peace out, or as they say around here, Off Veeder Shane!


Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

"Father" Tim,
I do hereby volunteer to come to thy 'heretic coven' or whatever it is ye call thy "church", and regal thy damned ears with stories of Truthiness, SSLI dogma, and piles of dead Turks.

Or ye could listen to that boooooring, dynamite-wearing weenie, Al-fakkir, whine and complain about how MY ancestors successfully slaughtered HIS ancestors and how he's just NOW getting around to revenging their deaths. Took ye a couple of centuries to get with the program, eh, Turk?

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

Rob said...

Fr. Tim!!!

They're up to something again at the SSLI. I was driving past there tonight so that I could visit the labyrinth and meditate on how to be church to everybody, but when I was passing I heard some crazy chanting in another language playing over loudspeakers. I thought I heard something about an ex-or-scissors, and I was strangely held in place. Then the worst part, I started to feel the wonderful Gaia life aura slowly draining from me. Then I pulled myself far enough out of range of the speakers by summoning all of my strength. I felt that the Gaia spirit was angry, because it was controlling my body and my thoughts, and made me start to scratch my chest and scream--then it caused me to go into a trance and start speaking in tongues. I feel much better now, and I feel that I have recovered the aura of the Gaia spirit through some restorative yoga, but I would not want to experience that ever again.

Is there anything you can do? I know that I couldn't go anywhere near those speakers again, and I'll probably have to take an alternate route to get to the faith community to go to the ecumenical service tomorrow night.


P.S. Ever since that experience, I have been unable to stop speaking in this other language--which I have been told is La-teen. Is there any way that I can be prayed over by some witch-doctor or vodoo priestess to make it stop?

Anonymous said...

You need Sr. Fairiah's help. Wow, what a distressing experience with the voices and all. Glad the restorative yoga will help you.

You need to be church to yourself, and let others be church to you also. Perhaps some meditative time before H. Roberts jarred brain will enlighten you---the aura and light waves from the brain will help.