Monday, July 2, 2007

Che' Salutes EegahInc

Hey its me Che'!

I just wanted to say thanks to EegahInc at the b-movie catechism because he's found a Julia Roberts movie he's going to review that I hadn't seen. Plus he reviewed another one of my favorite movies called The Stuff which was awesome! It has that whole anti-consumerism thing going. I remember Chocolate Chip Charlie too because he was really cool.

I know Father Tim banned him but I think it's okay to go there and get the Julia Roberts movie review. I mean, if Julia Roberts is in it you know its got to be AWESOME. Just as long as you understand that he's probably going to say some things which aren't really in the Spirit of Vatican 2 like how we should be talking in Latin or like how womyn shouldn't be priests or something. But actually he kind of reminds me of Father Juno because a lot of what he says make a lot of sense which is probably why Father Tim doesn't want me to go to those kind of blogs but Father Tim isn't here so I guess it's okay maybe as long as Father Tim doesn't somehow find out. I'm still in trouble for the involuntary lock in.

Oh yah! EegahInc looks kind of weird but its okay.



Rob said...

Uh-oh! Looks like Che is going trad! I can tell, already. He is weakening. B Movie Catechism is drawing him to the dark side...


XXXXXX said...


I left a video camera for you to get some film as well as some still shots for me. I'm very interested in this ecuminicul picnic, and wish I could be there in person to gather evidence... er... join in the celebration and take pictures to remember it by. I can even guarantee a small hourly wage for taking these photographs for me (though the IRS wants to limit how much we can pay per hour--something about a limited budget and keeping the resources in Washington). Remember to get at least one clear picture of every person who attends--get into a good area for lighting and try to get the full face in the shot.

With the video camera, I have these small microphones so that you can get me some audio from every conversation too.

Agent Johnson wanted to contribute to the celebration, so he had a few floral arrangements created for the occasion... our agents will even come to pick them back up again after the festivities--I think that there is something electronic in the center of the flowers, and they want to make sure that it doesn't short out when the next rainstorm comes.

Agent Smith,
Department of Homeland Security

ps. I'll come over later to drop off the video equipment and some tofu chips that I bought for you to bring to the picnic.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Tofu chips. I'll try to stop by...I have a little more research to do...maybe we should rent a movie and get the key to the rectory and hang out tonight Che...maybe we can call Britnee/Bernadette.