Thursday, July 19, 2007

Possibility of Ressurecting H. Robert through Scientology

Hey everybody,

Well I kind of don't want to say anything about this but my friend John Travolta says that its pretty much certain that they can bring H. Robert Williams back to life by extracting his brain and putting it in one of those jar thingies I saw on that volcanic island. I'm not sure this is a good idea especially as we were going to have a celebration of his life tommorrow and if he isn't dead we can't and I already have all the cucumbers, brocolli, cheese, and carrots cut up. But I kind of think I should because then I can find out if he found Curtis. Because if I could get Curtis and Erin together there could be more baby mice. I can't really think of any other reason to bring him back.

So let me know what you think about it.



Che' Lovell said...

Oh yah! Father Tim do you know how to do polls on your blog or is that something we can't do yet. I meant to ask Nguyen but he didn't know.

Che' Lovell said...

I mean I didn't know what Nguyen knew because I didn't know where Nguyen was this afternoon.


Father Tim said...

Hey! Ngyuen saw your post from his iPhone and it looks like he took care of it because now there is a cool poll on the right hand side of the 'blog. That's neat because now I can get Ngyuen to have all sorts of cool "polls" like "Should Fr. Tim be elected Bishop" and "Do you think the Motu Proprio is regressive".

Sir Lefebvre Fellay Denzinger, HKTTC said...

Che', como esta usted? Esse, I wish you weren't all like loco with this Spv2 stuff but hey we still bros,si?

I just wnated to say that you guys should test this ressurrection stuff, before you mess up a cool gringo like H. Roberts. Maybe you could kill that Sr. Fairah idiota and try on her first.

buenas noches

Che' Lovell said...


We're going to keep H. Roberts on ice until we get everybody's opinion. Anyway, I talked to his wife Penny and his daughter Amelia and they were going on a cruise this weekend anyway. Penny was all like "no! no! no! Now he'll have an excuse for just lying around the house all day watching TV." and Amelia was like "whatever! put me down for global warming."

Amelia's life partner Jack-Lynn was pretty much enthusiastic about bringing him back but I don't think she really counts so much because I think she is only saying that to annoy Penny.


Anonymous said...

Will H. Roberts "body thetans" be an obstacle to his resurrection?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey anonymous! Good Question!

Well as you know the body thetans are stuck to your body. Now if you remember I personally don't have any body thetans which is why I am so clear and why the rest of everybody isn't which is why the scientologists were so interested in me. But H. Robert probably had them and probably a lot of them because if you ever heard him talk it was like "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING H. ROBERT!"

But I don't know exactly how many body thetans are stuck to H. Robert's brain but probably less so when he comes back as a brain in a jar he should be clearer than he was before but maybe not because as you know body thetans may make you sick physically but also may make you confused. So I am guessing he'll still be confused like most of you but not like me because I'm not.

Oh Yah! I forgot I'm not supposed to say that so never mind.


Sir Torquemada of the Pissed Off Truly True Church, HKTTC said...

Y'all, I done heard that if ya hang asparagus around your kneck, them body thetans will leave ya be. It's something 'bout that there asparagus smell that makes them get all disgruntled like and go looking for celebrities to infect.

I beat ya that if you threw in sum asparagus cuttings into that there brain jar, all 'em thetans would leave ol H. Bobbie be.

Anonymous said...

Careful... the last person I know who tried to bring people back from the dead lost an arm, a leg, and his brother's body.