Monday, July 23, 2007


Hey everybody!

I am so mad right now because I was walking through the spirit maze and somebody's had a campfire out there and there's like thirty beer bottles and cigarettes everywhere and somebody left there underwear hanging from the Gaia statue. I don't want to name names but its pretty obvious that it was EUGENE! because that's your youth group stuff because you had the conference hall this weekend.

I mean first of all you know when you're burning stuff you're putting more carbon into the atmosphere and secondly I have seen a chipmunk eat one of those cigarette things you throw on the ground and it ALMOST COULD HAVE DIED!

So anyway I cleaned up all that trash but I am getting FED UP because I am like the only person around who respects the earth. Keith is always throwing his big mac wrappers out the window and yah its great that there not styrofoam but all the chemicals on the paper are bad anyway.

Oh YAH! I almost forgot because I went to that eegahinc's web site again and I saw that there was this movie called Mesa of Lost Women and it turns out that there was this woman dancing and she did that liturgical dance thing that Todd wanted to teach everybody to do. You can really see it if you go to youtube. Except you probably only want to watch the first five minutes bcause it get's kind of weird.



Father Tim said...

Hey everybody! Fr. Tim here, 'bloggin' atcha live from Paris. Boy, it's pretty cool over here. Thanks for taking up the slack, Che!

Mother Tissier de Mallerais, CRBLSSL said...

(Click Click!)
Nowa I don't a' usually go around agreeing with heretics or nutthing (God forbid!) but I have to agree with this Che' fellow that ye all need a good whack across 'ta knuckles for being untidy. Were ya born in a trash heap, ya lil' skamps? Why da ya think God invented trash cans, for a' sittin upon?!

And whats this I hear about underpants a' hanging from the statues! Whats a' your underpants doing off in 'ta first place! Da ya think this is da red light district or a' sumthing? Tsk tsk!

And Mr. Lovell--there twont be no a' dancing and carrying around in these a' here places while I am around, ya hear? Dancing is for drunk Irishmen and Druid hippies, and I wont a' tolerate such tomfoolery.

Mother Tissier de Mallerais, CRBLSSL