Wednesday, July 18, 2007

'Blogs of Imfamy

Hey! Well, I came across this 'blog and boy, was I offended! Not only does the 'blogger basically worship that ultratrad Catholic C.S. Lewis, but the whole "site" is just rife with Popery, including the incredibly medieval and thoroughly discredited "theology of the body" that the last Pope was always going on about.

Avoid this 'blog at all costs!

Rise of the TOB: PH,C,T,EM,F,O++

Also, I can't believe I keep forgetting to ban the following 'blog:

Everything You Knew Is Wrong: PH,O,T,BS,NC


Father Kyle said...


C.S. Lewis is Anglican, never swam the Tiber as did his good friend J.R.R. Tolkien.

larsterkhan said...

Father Kyle,

Not sure it's right to say Tolkien swam the Tiber as he was raised Catholic. It's an inspiring story as to what his mother and the family suffered to remain true to the Church after his father died.