Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why Separation of Church and State is really dumb!

Hey SOV2 community. I wanted to let you know that Todd and I are squared away and not to worry about us being a scandal to the church anymore because we're now really cool about everything. In fact credit really goes to Keith who is going to lead a new funk rock group before 10:30 mass. Since I play the tabourine I was going to help out (if it's okay with Todd, which I'm sure it is). Make sure you bring ear plugs because it's going to be LOUD and SPIRITED!

Anyway I also wanted to share a thought which we've been mulling over in the SJM about church and state and how that's a really dumb idea. I mean it might have sounded good on paper about 200 years ago but it doesn't make any sense for people today.

The idea of separation of church and state goes back to Thomas Jefferson, I think, who believed that god was like a big ticking clock. Well we all know that god is really just a liberating spirit. What the spirit liberates it sanctifies and what it sanctifies it redeems and what it redeems it liberates! So Thomas Jefferson, who was also our third president and lived in Monticello, had it wrong! The church is us (right?!) and the state is us (right?!) so how can we separate the church from the state? It makes no sense at all! And just as the spirit is distributed among all of us in the same way and all at once, so it is for the state. Since the state and the church have the same mandate its obvious that they must have complimentary missions (by complimentary I don't mean they are always saying nice things about each other but that their two missions kind of fit together like an ostrich feather and crimson suede).

The power of the state comes from a mandate from the people. But by that I don't mean everyone. I mean the disenfranchised people because they are the ones that actually support the state, but not the rich kids who play polo and lacrosse and go to Cancun and exploit all the time. And so the people who actually represent the people, I mean the people who connect with the people and care about the people, they're the ones who really should control both the church and the state.

So let's ask ourselves: is it really the people who control the church? Yes it is the people because the people are the church. They just aren't awake to this yet. So the people in the form of the state have to exert their mandated authority to fulfill their mission and impose the people's will on the church which is themselves. If I was president the first thing I would do, right after disbanding the nuclear arsenal and freeing all political prisoners, and putting all the CIA people on war crimes trials, would be to repeal the first ammendment! That way the church would be subject to the same laws as everybody else.



Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Right on, man! And also, I think your funk band could definitly use more cowbell...just a suggestion!

Veritas said...


In regards to this entire blog and associated links: This is just a joke, right? A spoof? You don't really support this kind of illogical philosophy and unCatholic theology, do you?

Allow me to ease your pain:

Todd Turk said...

Crazy Mama,

Thanks for your suggestion about the cowbell. We've been experimenting with some arrangements involving different percussions. Cowbell is definately up there along with wood blocks.

I wanted to use cowbells during the eucharistic celebration, the way that they used to ring bells in the old days, but Fr. Tim said that took people's focus off of the priest.

But you're right about the cowbell. When we're really reaching the crescendo of the gloria, the cowbell gives it that extra touch that kind of pushes it over the edge.


Fr Juno said...


I have to go now to Liturgy of the Hours, but I saw your post and wonder if you have considered in your argument the duality of citizenship as exhibited by Peter and Paul and so eloquently by St. Augustine in Civitas Dei? We must remember that civil authority is irrelevant sub specie aeternitatis and that that the New Jerusalem cannot be built by hands of men. I am worried that maybe you are stepping toward Liberation Theology? Maybe your visit to Brazil put many ideas in your head to discuss, but your zeal is an inspiration to us and we must remember to be on fire with the truth.

Pax tecum,

Fr. Juno

Todd Turk said...

Che - I just re-read your post and found that crack you made about bringing ear plugs when the funk group plays. You never miss a chance to get your digs in, do you? Thanks. Really.

Che' Lovell said...

Father Juno, can you check your spelling because I don't understand sub specie aeternitatis, is that Kenyan?
It seems like you are saying Liberation Theology is not something good, but liberation theology is what Jesus taught, I mean that was why he came down to earth to feed all those hungry people. Incidentally, Fr. Tim said that it was really just that everybody had food hidden in their clothes and when the little boy came up to share his fishes and bread everybody felt guilty and they shared their food and that if we all just share our food we'll have enough, especially all the rich kids who are way to fat anyway. But I was thinking of Hugo Chavez's ideas about church and state not Brazil, because Hugo Chavez is from Cuba.

And TODD! I wasn't making a dig at you, Keith is bringing his set of 12 JVM Marshall amps and we are going to put them around the altar, in a full circle like the twelve apostles. I went to his garage party and it was LOUD with just four! I mean it hurt my head. I thought some of the older people like Mary Ann who must be 90 might not be used to that kind of noise.

I was worried that no one would hear my tambourine but he said he could rig an acoustic sensor up to it and feed it right in through the regular eg socket. Man is Farther Tim going to have goose pimples!