Monday, May 21, 2007

Really Cool "Link"

Hey! An anonymous reader left a post where he/she pointed out a "link" to a really cool progressive faith community called "St Andrew the Apostle" which is up in Syracuse. I went to the site and wow! I was blown away! They've really got it together up there. You have to check this "link" out:

St Andrew The Apostle Church

Anyway, it's really sad because it looks like their bishop is taking marching orders from Rome to shut them down by merging them with another parish to dilute their spirit.

I'd like to see them try that here! But anyway, for the people of St. Andrews: WE ARE IN SOLIDARITY WITH YOU!!!!!

(PS, Thanks Ngyuen for helping me do that cool "link")


Ma Beck said...

This is so great Tim, thank you.
Perhaps you could list "Friends" on your sidebar and put the church there, along with St Joan of Arc, Minneapolis.
And St Sabina in Chicago.

Adoro te Devote said...

The St. Joan of Arc church can be found at:

Adoro te Devote said...

Uh...forgot to say..

SJA has mass in the gym because the church itself has too much stained glass to be open and welcoming to all the people who go there and aren't actually Catholic.

So they have mass in the gym, and instead of a homily (when I went there, anyway), different people gave testimonials as to how great SJA was to them on their spiritual journeys. And a pagan...uh...a woman of different spiritual experience...named Gabriel Ashley Ross likes to go there and teach about Gaia and the goddess Sophia and influences others to speak as to why the oppression of the Patriarchy of the Church keeps womyn from becoming Catholic.

They are big fans of Pax Christi there. And Dignity and Rainbow Sash.

You should definitely check them out.

For communion, they get their bread from an Eastern bakery, and it's completely leavened, like, a type of pita bread. It was even sweet....I think it's made with honey.

They don't have the benefit of Keith's green tea leaves, though.

When I went there, their communion song was "Let it Be" by the Beatles

Che' Lovell said...


But I bet they can't beat Father Tim's homilies and we put chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and honey in our bread to represent the four races of man...


Anonymous said...


As a former parishoner of St. Andrew the Apostle, may I suggest you download and read the "Witness" magazine? So many parishoners there have been arrested and on trial in different protests, so many have left the religious life -- what a testament! One even lived in a cage for a while...