Monday, May 21, 2007

Lighten Up!

Hey everybody. I know you're probably all sad because we're not having the green leaf tea sale and Keith is being sent up to Canada by Maryann so I thought it would be fun to lighten things up a little.

Who doesn't like Julie Andrews right? Especially Victor Victoria which was great and taught us to respect transgendered peoples, but even some of her earlier stuff like My Fair Lady (which is so old-fashioned with the nuns in habits and all but still kind of cute because it is anti-fascist and has lots of good songs like "I Feel Pretty"). Anyway, I don't know if you remember but there was a song in My Fair Lady where professor Higgins had locked all the kids up in a room and Julie Andrews was teaching them how to sing and there was a big storm. This is before she made the curtains into play clothes for the kids. Somehow she ends up going to the horse races and a ball or something, I can't remember. Anyway the song was called My Favorite Things. So if you feel bad you're supposed to think about them and then you feel good.

So here's my list in no particular order: Julia Roberts, e. e. cummings, musicals, Robert Mugabe, green leaf tea, a group of people throwing stones and rocks at the G-8 meeting, Queen, Prince and the Revolution, John F. Kennedy, the Beatles, Tibetan Peace Flags, Toyota Prius, poems by Nikki Giovanni, marshmallows, warm socks on a cold day, Dorothy and Doris Day (they were sisters I think), dew on a microbus as it's parked near an outdoor concert, Avril Lavinge ( I cannever spell her name right!), black berets and red backpacks, Hugo Chavez, jeans with patches on the knees, Harry Belafonte!

I feel a lot better. You should try it!



Todd Turk said...

Che, you are so way off. Have you ever seen My Fair Lady? I think you are getting confused with the liturgical version of Brigadoon that Maryann and I coordinated for St. Patrick's day mass. Besides, who likes that Gilbert & Sullivan crap? You should get out of the 40's and listen to something hip, like Andrew Llyod Weber! Maryann and I are working on a tribute to Evita in which the part of Evita is really Mary Magdelene, and Juan Peron is really John the Baptist. There's a character named "Che" in Evita - you'd dig it, except for the part about the insecticides. Also, for someone who's all into the environment and Al Gore and whatnot, you should know that the microbus is like the most polluting bus on earth - they didn't even have cadillac converters on those things. You have got to stop hanging out with Britnee - I know you're just sucking up because she drives a microbus. You should tell her how much those things pollute. I mean, we just had to go and buy "green power mowers" because of you and your EcoChurch thing, and then you're all permissive when it comes to VW's? Sometimes I think you're just a poser.

Che' Lovell said...

Ha! Shows you what you know. I'll take a microbus because we can put 10-15 people in one and besides the microbus I am thinking of hasn't moved since 1964. You're the one who's upset because Keith is going to Canada and isn't going to be a liturgical dancer after all. And the fact is I like music which sounds like music and not that steel drum and garbage can clatter that your "music" ministry puts out. I mean remember when they dropped the old pipe you had suspended from the ceiling as part of your percussion set because it happened to play a perfect b-flat and it broke the co-celebrants leg and they had to taker her to the emergency room.

I don't know why Father Tim insists on live music because I think I could put a pretty good mass accompaniement together using the soundtracks from Julia Robert's films.

And leave Britnee out of this, I mean just because she happens to look kind of like Julia Roberts, has two e's in her name (like e. e. cummings) and likes my poems and hangs out with me all the time doesn't mean that we're dating or anything. I mean it's not like we're cohabiting together or anything.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Todd.
My bus runs on PEACE.

Okay, here is my list, plus all the things you said, which were awesome!
Alec Baldwin BEFORE he went off on his daughter Island or what have you, solar panels, the Gallapogas Islands (I've never been but it looks rad), beagles, Salvador Dali, Ayn Rand, Bear Naked Granolla, Rent, Marty Scorsaze or what have you, Mel Gibson's mug shot, Jerry Garcia, bluegrass, the Warped Tour, green tea.