Thursday, May 17, 2007

Have you seen my backpack?

Hey! Has anyone seen my backpack? It's kind of small and red, but it has a lot of pins and patches and things like that on it. I wrote my name on it but there were a lot of other people's names because everybody I meet I ask them to sign it. It even has Julia Robert's autograph which i got when I was grenich village last year! I have had it since I was in High School and it means a lot to me. Plus it had some poems I was working on and the copy of Hitler's Pope that I borrowed from the church library.

Oh yeah! and last Sunday's church collection was in it too because I was supposed to put it in the bank since Farther Tim was out of town but I forgot.

So please please please please if you see it could you e-mail me or respond to this blog with information I would appreciate it a lot.



Fr Juno said...


I found a red backpack like the one described by you, but it is not exact. It has your name on it, but it has someone named "Jane Fonda XOXO" written on it too over a text reading "Keep the faith! - Ben Jovi" Also it has inside a can of red paint and some pieces of white chalk, not poems and the book was not "Hitler's Pope" but "When the CHiPs Are Down: The Life Of Erik Estrada". There was no money. Also I found another red backpack with your name on it as well as a name "Fr. McBrien" and nothing in the backpack but a bag of green tea leaves and a pad of small paper and a picture of Britnee Hamilton. I think both are yours but not the bag you are asking for. Good luck to you in finding it. Have you said a prayer for St. Anthony to help?

-Fr. Juno

Che' Lovell said...

This is really really troubling. One of those backpacks is my spare backpack which I lost last month. But I think the other's must be Keith's because I know he grows green tea leaves in his garage under a lamp.

Ma Beck said...
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Anonymous said...

It was left in my van along with Tim's Birks after the Earth Day thing.
I can't go to church this week (I have company in town and they're more "brunchy" people) but I will see you at the PETA KFC protest (I wouldn't miss that!) so I can return it then.

C Ya,
(I added an extra 'e'. Isn't that rad?)

Che' Lovell said...
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Che' Lovell said...

Britneee! I was so worried about my poems and the fact and the backpack since it had Julia Roberts actual autograph on it.

I can't wait to give Kernel Sanders and Opus Dei a thumb in the eye. I just hope they don't bring too many albinos because they kind of freak me out.


Plus: it's cool to have a lot of e's in your name. I'm kind of limitted in that respect because if I put an extra e in my name it becomes chee. A lot of people don't know my name is pronounced kind of like shay and kind of like chay sort of in between. They call me chee or kay.

Father Tim said...


Thanks for leaving the Birks in the sacristy - I was overjoyed when I found them there. I thought you'd pull one of your pranks and leave it somewhere in the spirit maze and then I'd have to battle the womyn's club to get them back.

Also, stop flirting with Ché - he gets all moony when you're around and I need him paying attention since this is VOTF week. Just kidding! You two are the best!

Fr. Tim

Anonymous said...

People who say "Chee" or "Kay" are so stupid, right?
You know what? You could pronounce it like 'Chai" in Chai Latte tea.
That would be soooo cool, but however you want to say it is how it should be said - a name is a very personal thing, like a haircut or a liturgy.
Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I read some of your poems. The one about Mother God/Father Womb was absolutely beautiful! You have a real gift, Che.

You're welcome!
I thought about leaving them in the tabbernackle, but I never can remember where that thing is.
HA~ I think Che is flirting with ME, just like he did when we all went camping for Arbor Day and me and Che were tent partners.
That was fun LOL.


P.S. I dropped the third 'e' because Lilith said it was pretentious, like Latin and fine art. I reeeaally like Lilith - I pretty much always listen to her opinion, and once again, I think she's right.