Monday, May 14, 2007

Announcements May 13

Hey! I forgot to 'blog my announcements from Sunday, so here they are. Also, some parishioners have complained that this 'blog seems to be all about disagreements among the parish staff. To those parishioners I have to say (lovingly) judge not. The members of the parish staff put in long hours for not much of a salary. If this 'blog gives them a place to sound off a bit, then I think it can be a good sign to all of us on how to resolve our differences in a loving, faithful way.

So, here's the announcements:

The liturgical committee will be meeting in the parish hall to discuss upcoming changes. Anyone with questions should call Maryann McGronk at the parish office.

There will be a workshop on nonviolent confrontation and the preferential option for the poor. This is the first of a series in social justice issues. Call Ché Lovell with any questions.

The VOTF meeting for May has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the liturgical committee. VOTF members are encouraged to attend the social justic meeting in lieu of the VOTF meeting.

The next EcoChurch meeting will be combined with the SOV2 Youth Group meeting and will feature a viewing of "An Inconvienient Truth". The meeting will be held in the Youth Hall. Space is limited, so reserve your place by calling Eugene Kramer or Ché Lovell.

As a reminder, liturgical dancers must be registered with the music ministry. YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE TO BE PART OF LITURGICAL DANCE. We don't want a repetition of the scene at the Easter vigil mass. Call Todd Turk for details on this exciting ministry.

Maryann McGronk has told me that we will try to have an RCIA class this year. This would be a really big deal for us since we were not able to have a class last year.

The Parish Council will be meeting Thursday to discuss forming a new buildings & grounds committee. Council president Todd Turk asked me to remind the parish that the Parish Council has voted down the "Green Grounds" proposal due to the unpleasant aroma in the trial run.

Fr. Curt Kane of Appalachian Peace Alliance will be here next Sunday to give a presentation after mass on the work his ministry is doing helping the poor of Appalachia resist economic exploitation and develop reliable alternatives to mass production.

Finally, big thanks to Fr. Juno Aroymba for hosting the "Taste of Kenya" night last week. For those of you who missed this event, we had a great time and will definately want Fr. Juno to serve up that tasty bean dish at the next potluck supper.


Che' Lovell said...

Hi Everybody,

This was accientally left out of the announcements but I wanted to make sure everybody brought black clothes and white face paint to the meeting so we could practice being dead as part of our practice for the nonviolent confrontation. As you know I'm really big on passive protest. There are lots of opportunities to pretend to be dead in solidarity with our exploited bretheren. We're going to work on being dead as part of our Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament NOW! and for our Stop CO2 Emmisions NOW! programs.

See you there!

And surprise! A special guest message from a former Tennesseean of big national importance.


Dim Bulb said...

My dear Father Che,

I am appalled, appalled! that you continue to have a Youth Ministry at your parish. Have you been skimping on the safe sex sermons? This displeases me very much.


His Malignantcy, Luciferus Satanus Diabolus

Anonymous said...

You left your birkenstocks in my van at the Earth Day party.

What have you been wearing to do church on sundays?

See ya at the Life Teen meetup, Tim.


Che' Lovell said...

Dear Mr. Bulb,

I don't understand? I am just the Social Justice Minister. I think we have several children and not all of them immigrants. You may want to talk to Eugene our Youth Director. To talk to someone about our Responsible Family Life program you want to talk to liturgist Maryann McGonk.

SmokeOfSatan said...

Fr. Tim, I am so glad I stumbled upon your parish last week. You are truly a welcoming faith community! Most other "Christian" churches said I had to renounce my Bonpo beliefs to join their church, but you guys are so affirming of who I am. Can I help with next autumn's Native American Harvest Moon Festival?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bulb,

I understand you concerns about our policies in re of "official" vatican policy regarding use of the use of certain methods which certain vatican "officials" do not authorize regardless of their efficacy in halting the spread of many diseases and mitigating the disastrous effects of population and poverty. But we at SOV2 take a pastoral approach to such subjects and encourage members of our faith community to recognize the primacy of their own conscience in such private matters. They are welcomed to consider their own particular place along their own faith journey. We accept all in a non-judgemental context of the deity-spirit.

For more detailed information I would be happy to refer you to several noted and respected theologians whose work I am well-acquainted with.

Also, Mr. Bulb, might you be interested in our RCIA program?


Anonymous said...

Does anybody else in this parish worry abuot the fact that liturgical dancing is FORBIDDEN by the GIRM? Hello? Does anyone esle in this parish know what the GIRM is? I thouhgt maybe Plarvik's website would be a place where us parishioners could politely point out to him the rampant liturgical abuse in this parish, but instead I find it's a pissing match bewteen two so-called litrugical ministers.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know the definition of satire?


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I went to a Mass once that was so uplifting and welcoming, maybe you could borrow some ideas from that.
1. The priest formed the whole liturgy on affordable housing and had a little house at the end of the aisle that we could buy bricks for one dollar and the money would go to affordable housing efforts.

2.The music was front and CENTER...right in front of the altar and the chimes were used liberally. What a joyful noise!

3.At the end of Mass, Father participated in the musical adventure by shaking a little rattleball before he made his exit.
Wow, it was just great. I really felt like I had attended a joyous celebration of my faith. The communion bread that we broke was very sweet tasting and fluffy, not at all like that boring, flat, cardboard communion that I have at my hometown church! I suggested some of these things there but, unfortunately, my hometown church isn't as inclusive to new ideas as the one I described above. Pray for them!

Ying-Yang said...

Hi I would like to know if I would be welcome in your parish. I was quicked out from my previous parish in a very unchristian manner. Me and some friends had decided to start a Christian swingers club "We swing for Christ!" and our priest said it was unacceptable! I mean how bigoted and narrow-minded!! I almost dropped my prayer beads right there! Anyway... let me know if that would be ok...

May Her peace be in you,

Anonymous said...

Gosh. If only I could find a faith community like this in my diocese! All we have is chant, chant, chant; catechism this and catechism that. And if I hear one more homily on contraception I'll just explode! Someday more parishes, er ... faith communities will look just like this one.

Anonymous said...

Father Tim,
I'm a parishoner here at SOV2 and have a question for you:

I was talking with one of my Catholic friends and she said her parish had a "tabernacle" (sp??) and I was wondering what it was and if our parish has one? She said it was in the front of her church but ours doesn't have any furnishings other than the mother goddess statue.



Bartholomew said...

Does anyone esle (sic) in this parish know what the GIRM is?

Of course, it's the first part of that book on the communion table that has suggestions on how to perform the mass properly.

Father Tim said...

Neat posts, everyone. Thanks!

Thanks Bartholomew for answering anonymous for me (and for catching the spelling errors!)

Britnee, I'm a little embarrased to admit it, but one of the great things about official priest dresses is that you don't really have to wear shoes at all, so I haven't missed the Birks at mass. Lounging around, however, is a different story.

Anonymous, thanks for your kind words about our faith community.

Bob, all "Catholic" church buildings have a tabernacle. Ours is downstairs from the sacristy. I'm not sure where the one at your parish would be. Some churches do have them out in public view, but most progressive parishes have realized that this distracts from the communion of the faithful, and have moved it to the side or sometimes into a little chapel. One of the great advantages of this is that it gives you a chance to have a procession with all the communion ministers, which gives them a little face-time in reward for their hard work.

Ying, I would love to be able to oblige you, but our playground isn't built yet, so we don't have any swings. Also, I'm not sure that the insurance liability will permit us to have those sorts of things going on on the grounds.

Smoke, I notice that your 'blog name spells out S.O.S., which is how a lot of our parishioners have felt in other congregations. Welcome to our communion.

MM, thanks for govering Bulb's question, and way to pitch RCIA!!!

Ché, I'm real excited about your special announcement from a former Tennessean of national prominence! Would this, by any chance, be Johnny Knoxville?????

Whew! Going on retreat is great, but there's always a lot of work to do when you get back. I'm off now - got a killer scrabble game going with Fr. Juno. You wouldn't know it from listening to him talk, but that man must read the dictionary every night!