Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sneak Peak at Pentecost

Hey! I know this is a teaser, but I'm giving you a sneak peak at our Pentecost mass. Here's a quick snapshot of the liturgical dancers in practice. This is going to be a great gift of the spirit! See you tomorrow!


Maryann McGronk said...

Believe you me, everyone has been practicing very hard for tomorrow's Liturgy. Sr. Fairah Faucet designed the costumes.

Tim, should we tell them about the pyrotechnics?

Bartholomew said...

Father Tim, are we going to replace the candles on the sides of the eucharistic table with lava lamps for this special feast, like I suggested?

paramedicgirl said...

Liturgical dance is from hell. That ain't the Holy Spirit leading the dance.

BTW, I wonder how many people who come here think you guys are for real? I'm kinda curious about that. ;}

Karin said...

Tell me this is a joke...a sick joke at that!!!

Anonymous said...

I went to Hot Topic yesterday and got FOUR lava lamps for today's church!!!

Alice said...

paramedicgirl and karin,

I'm putting my hand up for having a blonde moment and being gullible, but now I know it's a parody, I'm laughing and squirming in my seat at the same time!
It's an uncomfortable combination!

Feathered Friends said...

so these dancers will be at a Mass?
you got to be kidding me! that is despicable! where is the reverence due to our Lord? where? remember when Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple? how is this any different? this is pathetic! what has HAPPENED to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? good grief! the NO has become a Mass of the people, and not for our
Lord! Good grief! the SSPX is reverent in their Masses, this is just plain disgusting that it is even allowed! why one might think, why not just have a completely protestant service? i can't believe the church has gone down this road!
this should not be allowed.