Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey! I'm back!

Wow! Sorry for not 'blogging earlier, but I was up at a mini-retreat in Maggie Valley. What an awesome experience! So much to say, I'm not sure where to start. Well, here goes. First, thanks Fr. Juno for covering for me in my absence. I know how hard it is to be filling in for a pastor-on-retreat (believe me - boy do I know!).

The Maggie Valley (North Carolina) Friendship Center is a great facility. I hadn't been there before - it's pretty new, and is kind of an annex to the Glenmary Camp. They call the rooms there "cells," and boy could I see why. Not much in them but a bed and an alarm clock, a TV, shower, toilet and dresser.

But we didn't spend much time in our "cells". There were a lot of great priests there, and it was instant community. I got a chance to meet Fr. Curt Kane, who will be here for a special presentation next Sunday. You are in for a really big treat. Fr. Kane is a deeply compassionate man, and he knows his stuff!

Also, I got my chance to be in a drum circle for the first time. I don't know how many of you know this, but when I was a kid, I wanted to be a drummer for a rock & roll band. I guess you know THAT didn't happen - my mother wouldn't hear of it and she made me play the violin instead. So here I was, a grown man, and finally getting to play drums. It was cool, and very liberating in a spiritual way. Don't worry Todd, I won't be asking to play drums for the choir, but I really think the drum circle would be a nice addition to our faith community. I got a cool idea that we could combine a drum circle with our womyn's group spiritual maze walk.

Finally, I got to give a presentation about the neat things our faith community is doing, and let me tell you, the other pastors were really impressed with our spirit and zeal. Some of them come from less progressive parishes (one good priest went so far as to call his parishioners "pharisees"). There was a lot of jealousy and I realize how lucky I am to be at SOV2!

Anyway, now I'm back, so Fr. Juno can get some rest.


Rob said...

Fr. Tim,
I was very excited when I found out about your all-inclusive progressive church in Knoxville, especially since I live in the Knoxville area.

Then I read some of the comments under your posts, and was put off by the in-fighting of the liturgical ministers in your posts. It seems that they are doing things exactly opposite to your mission of inclusivity.
I would suggest that they start a daily regimen of yoga and start shopping at organic food stores (there are several just in the Knoxville area).

Why haven't I seen anything about your parish in the East Tennessee Catholic or on the diocesan website--it would seem that the bishop is almost ashamed to put anything about your extraordinary mission there.


Che' Lovell said...

Hello Rob,

I am greatly distressed that Todd and I have caused such scandal. I had no idea so many people were reading what we wrote or even would be interested at all. I mean Fr. Tim talked to me about the matter and told me not to talk about certain things on a public blog forum. For example, he told me not to mention the idea I had for Margaret Sanger day but he would definitely include her in the litany of saints.

Anyway, don't be put off by Todd and I, we're actually very close. I went to his house to watch the national figure skating championships last week and he's been to my house for my annual Julia Robert's film festival.

So SOV2 is a GREAT PLACE, there really is hardly any argument at all because we're all on the SAME PAGE really.


Che' Lovell said...

NGUYEN! Please help me delete that last comment. I wasn't supposed to mention that thing about Maragert Sanger day and I forgot because it wasn't something that Maryann McGronk wanted me to advertise really.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim,

Luv your website, and how I wish I lived in your area so that I could be a part of this wonderful Catholic Community. One problem though, I noticed that you did not have a link to Dignity on you list of link - is there some sort of problem there, Father??? Do you have some kind of issue with the GLHT1/2 community or something? Can we say homophobic? I love ya, really, please fix this problem really soon. Keep up the good work, minus the blatant homophobia please. Thanks.

Maryann McGronk said...

We are all so glad you are back Father Tim. SOV2 is just not the same without you! We all missed your whistling and humming. Without it... well its like an empty church.

Che and Todd have really settled down since you are back. Whenever you are away they just are at each other's throats. I have two stray cats that I adopted who are just like them and I have to keep them in separate rooms.

A friend of mine from Holy Reformers (just outside Toledo) heard from her pastor that you gave a delightful talk on the new feminism dynamics flowing through the church. That you compared the holy spirit to a woman looking for a lost child in a crowded mall. She said having you as a priest must be the next best thing to having an actual woman. I think that's really high praise!

Anyway I just wanted to pass you those kudos. You have admirers beyond the boundaries of our humble little faith community.


Father Tim said...


High praise indeed. I think sometimes that I am a womyn, in spirit, because I am so devoted to service, like most womyn are. I think my nurturing spirit came from all the repression in my family.

That church outside Toledo sounds pretty cool. I may try to stop by there at this summer's Liturgical Musician convention.

Fr. Tim

Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim,

Thank you for finally putting the link to Dignity on your website. It took you a some time, but I see it as a good sign that you and the Faith Community are dealing with your deeply ingrained homophobia.
I hate to be a nag, really, but it just bugs me everytime I check out your awesome website that it says 'Spirit of V2 CHURCH'. What is the problem here, Father??? I thought this was a Progressive Faith Community. Next thing you know you'll be forcing us to wear those little doilies on our heads again. I luv ya, Father, really I do, but please fix this problem soon. XOXO