Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Rating Guide

Hey! Ché gave me a great idea for a 'blog rating guide kind of like the one that old catholic magazine used to do for movies. Only instead of being blatant censorship and anti-diversity, my rating guide will try to steer people away from dangerous ideas. I'm going to be using the following code:

PH - Phariseeism
C - Clericalism
T - Traditionalism
F - Funny Languages
O - Offensive (anti-womyn, anti-GLBTNA, etc)
R - Republican
PI - Progressive Level 1 (they get it)
PII - Progressive Level 2 (bookmark it)
PIII - Progressive Level 3 (it'll be in my homily)

To test out my new rating system, I've rated a few 'blogs:

Curt Jester: PH,T,O,R
L.A. Catholic: PH,C,O,R
Sterquilinium: PH,C,T,F,O,R
Ward Wide Web: PH,T,F,O
Adoro Te Devote: PH,O
B Movie Catechism: PH, F
St. Joan of Arc Church: PIII
Vatican (Pope): PH,C,T,F,O,R


Adoro te Devote said...

OK, now I'm offended.

My blog should at least earn an "F" for "Funny Languages" - the title, after all, is in Latin.

And possibly clericalism; let's be honest. I have the utmost respect for our ordained clergy, and I have JPII and Benedict XVI all over my blog.

If you're going to give me ratings, please at least do so properly.

Or perhaps I don't understand your ratings system???

:-( *confused*

Father Tim said...


Fr. Juno woke me up on the way back from his prayer thing, and I looked in on the 'blog and saw your post.

PH- Phariseeism contains all the other objectionable categories as well. But you're right that I missed Funny Languages. I thought that was Italian, not Latin (Jeez-o-pete, I'm seeing Latin everywhere lately).

And let me correct something else - the ratings PH, C, T, F, O , and R are BAD ratings. You shouldn't be desiring to get these bad ratings. You should be trying to "Ascend Mount Los Angeles" toward the PIII rating.


Fr. Tim

Anonymous said...

I checked out those blogs. Ew.
Here is my reviews.

Mr. Jester thinks he's really funny. Wow, Curt, you can photoshop - congratulations.

LA Catholic - I thought "Wow - I like the name "La Catholic." It's sounds like this guy is embracing multiculturalism and all that. Then, I see that it's "L.A. Catholic", but still, I thought, that's cool - LA is where all the womyn are liberated from the misogynistic church men, and I LOVE the Cardinal there, but no. This guy needs some of our green tea. He is judgmental and mean and a jerk.
L.A. must stand for Lousy Attitude.

Sterquilinium - I don't know much about this guy, but I'll tell you this much: Any person that puts "A free thinker is neither" on his blog is a fascist.

Wardwideweb - This person is flat-out crazy. She doesn't support womyn's rights, but loves Latin church (um, hello, we're not in Mexico! Not that there's anything wrong with Mexico or Mexicans.) And she blogs a lot about her baby. "Bored Wide Web" is more like it.

Must be friends with the Bored Wide Web. Always has some patronizing, judgmental, mean advice. Also not for womyn's rights.

B Movie,
Displays outright hostility and racism. "Gojira" is what he calls "Godzilla."

This parish is AWESOME!! I had the opportunity to stop in for church once when I was in MSP for a We Are Church conference.
Such a spirit of community and this faith community is alive with the spirit of love and peace!!! Have had speakers who support womyn's rights give the homilee, even once on Mother's Day! You can't hug your children with nuclear arms, people!!!!

Patriarchal oppression, anyone??!


Adoro te Devote said...

Wow, Brittnee, with all due respect, that's pretty intolerant of you to rip on a woman who has chosen to have children and share her joy in them with the rest of us.

You may think children are boring, but it's sure not fair for you to critize her for making that choice not to kill them.

And as far as my "judgmental and patronizing" advice....well, I don't think you read far enough to make that type of statement.

How's that supposed to be welcoming? You're not doing a very good job acting as ambassador for your "faith community."

Personally, if you came to my parish (and you're definitely invited any time), I'd be thrilled to show you around and introduce you to some people, even though I disagree with many of your attitudes.


Anonymous said...

Addora Lo Timpani,
First of all, I didn't mean anything by it, and it is mighty mean of you to be so harsh to me. Just because I find someone who blathers on about spit-up and red hair all day and never ONCE mentions Mother Earth a bit narrow...
And I never said she should kill the baby - helloooo, she's already been born!!!
I would come to your parish but the bus would never make it that far.
But if U R ever in K-ville, stop by our beautiful parish.
And peace to you too.

Jane said...

Man that Ward woman,yeah she never stops taking about her baby...

try going to lunch with her!

She EVEN brings the baby with her!!! Sunday's are for herself, doesn't she get THAT?

rob said...

Other blogs that you definitely want to stay away from are "What does the Prayer Really Say?" and "The New Liturgical Movement"
Both are run by mean spirited Traditionalists.


EegahInc said...

Phariseeism! But...but...but...(sputter)! I've read Andrew Greeley, you know! I have two copies of the Oregon Catholic Press missalette, one for the car and one for home!

(Sigh) Perhaps you're right. I suppose I have a long way yet to go on my personal faith-walk. I'm going to pop in some Lez Zeppelin on the Ipod and meditate on my failures.

Adoro te Devote said...

Personally, I still want to see the correct ratings on my blog. If I don't know what I have to overcome, how can I get to PIII?????

You tell me.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Doesn't she know that babies pollute the planet? Just one's carbon footprint is as much as 600+ jetplane trips between here and England.

Keep the VW bus, and stop making babies! Dude--that reminds me of the halcyon days of Clinton/Gore. I'm getting all teary-eyed.

--Tahiti Moonbeam

Anonymous said...

PIII? is that like Scientology's OTIII?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry your friends are all breeders. If U lived in K-ville, we could hang out and go to concerts.

U R awesome!!!
If U live near K-ville, U, me, and Anonymous Jane can go to see the Dark Star Orchestra Grateful Dead Tribute band.
Or something.
P.S. You should spell your name "Tahitee" or what have you.

Bartholomew said...

Ms. Adoro. I hope I can be of help in having your blog get the coveted PIII (affectionately referred to as pee-three).

1. Lose the funny language. Translate it for us who speak English (after all, we're not supposed to use Latin since Vatican II... Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Flemish, English, etc are Ok, because we are a multicultural people. But that Latin stuff is just not inclusive enough). Call your blog "I adore you devoutly"

2. Lose the adoration stuff. Why are you worshipping bread? It distracts us from finding Jesus in each other. After all, we are the body of Christ (that famous song says so!).

3. Stop supporting clericalism. The buck doesn't stop with the priest, it stops with the people who run the parish! (Remember, we are the body of Christ!). Don't put up with fascism from your priest. Tell him to stick with what he (or she) does best. Perform the mass.

4. Your saints are woefully incomplete. You have completely forgotten St. Martin Luther King, and St. Mahatma Ghandi.

This is just a start. Hope it helps.

Bartholomew said...

Oh!!! I discovered a PI website at

They have liturgical dance, and their eucharistic ministers distribute the bread and wine.

They have a ways to go to be PIII though

Jeffrey Smith said...

Best steer clear of my blog. It'd probably give you heart failure. Wouldn't want that, would we?

KaleJ said...

Yeah, I think many of us intolerants would send your rating system into a death spin.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

It's probably just ego, but I'd be immensely curious to see how my blog would score.