Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hello. Fr Plarvik asked me to post on his blog while he was gone. I am lucky that Ngyuen Tran was able to help me. Also it is good because Ngyuen speaks much better English than me, so I am here. Fr Plarvik just wanted me to say hello but I must say that I have read many of the comments on this blog and I am saddened by the arguments about small things. You must remember that this parish is not so much about who is on the committee or this or that, but is about worship of God. Try to be charitable. I call to your mind 1 John 4:20 and 1 Corinthians 15:28. Thank you for your welcome of me. I will try to be "a good blogger" as Ngyuen tells me I should be.


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Juno! I'm glad Nguyen helped you sign up. And you are so right about Todd.

Todd Turk said...

Che, or should I say B_______, you know this constant sniping is not helping your cause. I know you're just trying to get to me, and it's not going to work. I'm too busy with the preparations for next Sunday, not like some people who seem to have all the time in the world for blogging and face painting.

I know what this is about, and it wasn't me who put the kibosh on your "clown mass." Just becuase I didn't like the idea doesn't mean I shot you down. Fr Juno is right - we should worry about the big things, not the little insignificant small things like some silly banners or whether a non-liturgical ministry is inferior to a liturgical ministry.

Che' Lovell said...

Well Todd, if you want to get down to it, its not just about the banners and the clown mass but about the fact that now Keith wants to become a liturgical dancer when my team is already short two people. I don't think he has a vocation to liturgical dance really because as we all know and though I believe that we are all really just the same but he is rather large and pretty clumsy. I mean its okay if everybody's dancing but if its just him and a couple other dancers. Its sort of like that Saturday Night Live episode with Chris Farley and the guy from Dirty Dancing. I think that's not excatly what you would be looking for in liturgical dance. I mean I think he weighs like 350 pounds. I'm not convinced he is not just becoming a liturgical dancer to get in shape. But we have plenty of rigorous exercises in SJM. So I hope you consider that in helping him discern the ministry that fits him best.

Anyway, I'm sorry about the whole thing it's just that the libfem banners meant a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

I just found your website. My last community told me that I was out of place suggesting I give a homily on the beauty of creation, the "table of plenty" and the equality of all creatures before God. Could I do this, if I came to your community?

Sr. Fairah Faucet

Father Tim said...

Sr. Fairah,

Well, the methodists may have cornered the "Open Minds, Open Doors" motto, but I'd like to think that it applies at SOV2, so you'd be more than welcome. We do guest homilies quite a bit, and our favorite mass setting is Marty Haugen's Mass of Creation, so I can see how your homily would fit in very nicely.

Fr. Tim

Anonymous said...

Che and Todd, Todd and Che. You know, none of this would be a problem if we had just stuck with the Latin mass.

Father Tim said...


We do have a Latin Mass, which serves our Latin American community. I don't speak Spanish, so Fr. Juno says the mass. He also does the Tagalog mass. The Latin Mass is always on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The Tagalog mass is the 2nd Saturday. Parishioners tell me it's easier to understand Fr. Juno in Spanish than in English (just kidding Fr. J - you're doing great!)

And the whole Che/Todd thing goes way beyond having mass in Spanish! I tell you, sometimes I'm not sure that those two know how to be Church (just kidding Che & Todd - you guys are the best!)

Fr. Tim.

Seminarian Matthew said...

Let's go back to the Tridentine Mass!

Father Tim said...

Seminarian Matthew,

I did a quick search on google for Tridentine Mass and whoa! That looks WAY too complicated. I realize now that when the previous poster was talking about a Latin Mass, he was talking about LATIN, and not Latin Americans, like I thought. I don't know anybody who speaks Latin, so I think the Tridentine Mass is a non-starter. Plus it requires the priest to turn his back on the faith community, which is not what we're all about here at SOV2.

Thanks for your suggestion, though,

Fr. Tim.