Monday, May 21, 2007

Announcements May 20

Here's the announcements:

There will be a workshop on nonviolent confrontation and the preferential option for the poor. This is the first of a series in social justice issues. Call Ché Lovell with any questions.

A printed copy of Fr. Curt Kane's presentation on exploitation of Appalachians will be included in next week's bulletin. We are printing extra copies of the bulletin as I know you will want to get a few copies for your friends.

The VOTF meeting for May has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the liturgical committee. VOTF members are encouraged to attend the social justic meeting in lieu of the VOTF meeting.

The next EcoChurch meeting will be combined with the SOV2 Youth Group meeting and will feature a viewing of "An Inconvienient Truth". The meeting will be held in the Youth Hall. Space is limited, so reserve your place by calling Eugene Kramer or Ché Lovell. The meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday night at 9:30pm in the Parish Hall.

The Parish Council met Thursday to discuss forming a new buildings & grounds committee. Following are the new guidelines:
-The parish is now entirely no-smoking except for pipes
-The north campus area is designated as "natural" so only indigenous species will be planted
-The south campus are will be left in its pristine kudzu cover
-The B&G committee needs volunteers for Saturday clean-up. See Todd Turk to sign up.
-Although the "Green Grounds" proposal was voted down, the B&G committee has agreed to purchase hybrid "green-power" lawn mowers and to do all trimming by hand. An anonymous donation was made by Dr. Argot to cover the $45,000 cost for the Green Power Mowers.

DVD's of the Easter Vigil are on sale now. See Todd Turk for a copy - he will be selling them after all masses for the next four weeks. As a reminder, less than 10% of the people who pre-ordered these DVD's have actually paid or claimed them. The DVD was a major investment for the parish and as of now we are about $10,000 in the hole. Please step up and help your parish out by purchasing a few copies of the DVD. They make great solstice presents! As an incentive, the Womyn's Club has agreed to offer one hour of guided spirit-maze wandering for anyone who buys two DVD's (womyn only).

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