Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Emergency Blog Rating

Hey! One of our faith partners sent me a link to a 'blog, asking for my rating. I went there and became extremely upset. Following is the rating:

Orthometer: PH,C+,T,F,O,R

Note that I had to create a new rating code, C+, which stands for EXTREME CLERICALISM! At first I thought that this site wouldn't get an F, except that the guy who made this site is some sort of German priest like our current Panzerpope. But sure enough if you read down his 'blog far enough, you get to a part where he uses a language that I'm pretty sure is Latin. I've learned in the last few days of 'blogging that if it looks like Italian and it's on a rad-trad 'blog, then it's probably either Latin or Greek.

There's also a "post" on this 'blog where the 'blogger says that HE HATES EARTH DAY! I thank the life-spirit that Ché has other things on his mind, or this would send him into a tizzy.

I also thought about giving his 'blog a new rating "R+" for "Extreme Republican", because of all the anti-choice rhetoric and a video of Fred Thomas, the former senator from my adopted state of Tennessee. But I don't want to confuse people and I am already sorry about the 'blog rating system since it is making me feel a little like a Pharisee myself. Fortunately, Maryann Mcgronk, who studies these things, told me that it is all right to be intolerant of people who are intolerant, and what's more intolerant than telling womyn what they can do with their bodies?


Anonymous said...

That Orthodontist guy is always going on about hippies and what have you.
He is obsessed!!
What a tool for Bush & Co.

Adoro te Devote said...
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Anonymous said...

think, Father Plarvik, you might be onto something here, for just as you are accusing those with whom you disagree with "intolerance", it seems that you sense that inner conviction that conscience does not operate in a vacuum; thus, what you accuse them of doing, you now carry out yourself.

As I wrote in "Truth and Tolerance", page 205-206, "The question of salvation therefore always carries within it an element of the criticism of religion, just as, contrariwise, it can build a positive relationship to religions. It has in any case to do with the unity of the good, with the unity of what is true - with the unity of God and man."

But you cannot take this out of context, like the media pundits did back when I gave my speech in Turkey. You have to remember, as I said on page 204, "Relativism is dangerous in quite particular ways: for the shape of human existence at an individual level and in society. The renunciation of truth does not heal man. How much evil has been done in history in the name of good opinions and good intentions is something no one can overlook."

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please turn from this path you are on and remember thou art dust, and to dust we must all return. Believe in the gospel...don't make up your own. We must seek reconciliation with one another and put the false "unity" of the secular world away from us in order to keep the object truth of Jesus Christ always before us so that we strive every day to be like Him.

God bless you, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

~ Pope Benedict XVI

Che' Lovell said...

I don't understand a word he is saying. What kind of name is XVI? That sounds kind of Kenyan to me. Is this guy a friend of yours Fr. Juno?