Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our Sister Church in Peril

Hey! One of the gifts of the lifespirit that has come upon me since Our Persecution began is a greater awareness of the persecution of others. This evening, while I complained about the horrible events that have befallen our faith community, Maryann & Sister Fairah brought me a green tea to cheer me up. We burned some incense, and then they told me the horrible story of an oppressed faith community in Missouri. Following is the "link." You can read the story yourself (seeing is believing). I can't really understand why they're trying to save such an ugly church, which is so obviously bound by chains of tradition (the dead faith of the living & the living faith of the dead). But anyway, you have to admire their gritty, no-holes-barred, in-your-face style of worship:

Saint Stan Slaw Parish

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Bartholomew said...

I think that picture they have on their home page is a front. The real worship appears to go on here in the basement.

Note the avant garde painting of the welcoming Jesus on the wall with his wife Mary Magdelene.

Notice the womyn reading the gospel while the priest stays a step behind (no rampant clericalism here).