Saturday, May 19, 2007

SOV2 Interior

Hey everybody, I got some folks asking for a picture of the inside of SOV2, and here it is. You can see the altar on the left side of the stage, and my chair on the right side. The picture is a little outdated, because we've installed a batismal pool in the center of the stage, and we've put some chaise lounges around the front row of the pews so that the ministers can recline during mass just like the followers "reclined at table" back in the day. I'll try to get a close up of the baptism pool sometime soon or if I can get one of our eggheads to take a new picture of the interior, I'll get Ngyuen to "upload" it to the 'blog. Also, I have to apologize because the building looks a little bare on the inside - this picture was taken while we were exploring solidarity with the iconoclasts. Maryann and Che had some thing about Jan Hus and atoning for some crusade or another, so we took out all the banners and love-art. Have a rockin' weekend! See you Sunday!


Che' Lovell said...

I remember those Iconoclasts! I couldn't stand them, they are so judgemental. They were always complaining about how we shouldn't have any symbols and if you so much as drew a hammer and sickle they'd start to say something like "that mocks the essence" or "to stand for is to deny" and thnigs like that. I'm so glad you kicked them out because I think symbols are really the thing. After all isn't the entire mass thing a symbol? The grape juice and corn bread are symbols of the fellowship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the eternal feminine overcoming the masculo-fascist?

One thing I did like about the church when it was emptier was when you did put up a symbol like it stood out. Remember all the Tibetan peace flags we hung down around the stage? That was really cool.

Che' Lovell said...

You know I think I have the iconoclasts confused with the monotarians. One of those were the people that said everything was lawful because everything was "of god." They were so cheesy because I asked them if Burger King was "of god" and they said "yes" and then I asked them if "veal" was "of god" and they said "yes" so I asked if "NUCLEAR REACTORS" were "of god!!!!!" and they got kind of shy and then one of them said "yes" like they didn't want to talk about it. So I said they were FULL OF IT.

I think you were talking about some of the early gnostic christians and manitee-ism or something like that and how these other early traditions also had a claim to share in the christian truth and how in fact they were more welcoming and inclusive and weren't so "rigid" and dogmatic (which is bad!) and so I thought about that but then I decided that the iconoclasts or the monotarians were still too weird and that you have to draw a line some place like how you kicked the KOfC people out.

Anonymous said...

Tim, did you kick KFC out for being mean to their chickens?
Because that is rad.
U R awesome!

Anonymous said...

The KoFC.
Yeah, they are mean too.
And judgmental, like Che said.