Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey! Great news everybody!!!!! Pope Benedict XVI has given his personal blessing to this 'blog and, by extension, Spirit of Vatican II Faith Community, and of course, all you people who are communicants and faith children of SOV2. I wasn't aware that in between excommunications, the pope had time to read 'blogs, but there it is in black & white in a comment on my last "post."

Maryann Mcgronk told me that this is equal to something called an "imprimature" and something else called a "nihil obstat", so now anyone who posts to this 'blog has the seal of papal infallability on their opinions! This is really cool! I had no idea that the pope was so church. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you that the chances of the pope being church with us were about the same as the chances of Fr. Juno being understood by the congregation (just kidding Fr. Juno - you're the best!) or the chances of Ché getting a date with Britnee (again, just kidding you two - can you consider the protest in Karns as a date?).

Well, I just had to share some excitement with you. I guess now we should hang up that felt banner of the pope that Eugene's youth group made last year.


Anonymous said...

I just want to second what Tim said. The pope coming to visit and giving us his impramateur is huge! I was at a conference in Lake Eerie last week and the Sisters of Eerie Consociation told me after our yoga meditation that they had been trying to get an impramateur of some of their spiritual reflections, but it's a really long process and reviewed by panels and all that. So the pope coming here to do this personally when we haven't even ASKED for an impramateur or nihilist obstat is PROOF that the Holy Spirit is on our side!

Adoro te Devote said...

Uh, Father Plarvik and Maryann (that is you, Maryann, right? You forgot to sign your name)

The Sisters of Eerie Consociation were's a very lengthy process to obtain an impramatur, and a "faith community" simply doesn't apply to have one. It's used for books, religious curriculum, etc. You may want to go to an official Church source and look up the definitions.

What the Holy Father did was simply impart a blessing, just like Father Plarvik does at the end of Mass. It's a prayer, asking God to bless all of us.

I know you're really excited about the idea of an endorsement but if you go back and read what His Holiness really said, he is stating that you've gotten off track.

I might as well share with you why I'm here: the Knoxville Archdiocese has sent me here to visit, check things out, perhaps make suggestions for you as a new church...uh "faith community", and I'll be returning to His Excellency the Archbishop with a full report.

I think the biggest thing for you all to work on here is basic catechesis, so Maryann, I'd suggest that you and I meet to discuss some strategies to engage the good people here in understanding their Catholic faith.

And my goodness, be excited! The Holy Father himself visited your blog....that is HUGE! So don't worry about the fact he didn't endorse you...he has proven to be quite a shepherd and cares enough about this community to stop by directly instead of sending someone else!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Tim and Juno et al.,

Can I just say that I'm disturbed by the prospect of Adoro te Devote being a contributor on this blog not to mention a member of this parish? I seriously question her commitment to the Spirit of Vatican II as well as embracing the "we are church" belief.

I probably shouldn't tell you this but I will anyway because I'm concerned, really. But, I saw her actually sitting with an open copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church once! She said it was HER copy. I have to question her street cred.

You've been warned.

Bartholomew said...

This isn't such big news. We are able to get a inprunater from Cardinal Mahony any time we needed one.

Remember, the pope is just the Bishop of Rome. Just the same as any other Bishop. Just the same as Cardinal Mahony.

And Cardinal Mahony's seal is much cooler. All tie dyed with a multi color stamp pad representing our diversity!

Anonymous said...

Adoro, I look forward to sitting down with you, but I'm with Cathy. I have seen your blog and I simply don't know how you'll fit in here. Clearly your ideas are much different than ours, but in a spirit of inclusiveness I'm looking forward to dialoguing with you.

Cathy ~ I'm not really sure what YOU'RE after because I checked out your blog, too, and I'm quite concerned about your intolerance for the rainbow sash. I'm going to have Tim rate your blog.

Or are you going to come back home? I seem to remember you...didn't we meet at SJA?

~ Maryann McGronk

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Maryann: Either that or at RE-Imagining or a Voice of the Faithful meeting. I'm trying to forget those years, well, decades.

I warn you. If I became Magisterium faithful so can you.

Rate my blog? Is that a threat? Bring it on. I fear no one but God!

Please read my blog, you may find it revelatory. I look forward to dialog with you.

Adoro te Devote said...

Cathy ~

Wait a minute! One minute you're ratting me out, the next minute you're complimenting the art work???

I don't get it. Whose side are you on? Did you really convert or are you a double agent?

Anonymous said...

You two sound like Che and Todd. Snipe Snipe.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is as much a fan of Bishop Gumbleton's teachings as I am, Bartholomew