Saturday, May 26, 2007

We are Church!

The December 06 CTA newsletter published the following: “Truth is not absolute. We all have insights and we are all related. The new cosmology shows us how interrelated we are. It is not only virtuous to listen to each other. It is downright expedient. Collaboration will be more productive than competition. We must also remember: the earth does not belong to humans. Humans belong to the earth.”

I know this is slightly dated in the world of blogdom, but WOW… what wisdom!

When I first saw that Adore te Devote was a guest contributor, I almost decided I no longer wanted to come here. But then, the above really inspired me to know that as wrong as she is, she, too, is a fellow earth dweller. It is downright EXPEDIENT that we listen to each other. Maybe someday she will put down that circumspect, chary cult book (CCC) and see that thinking for yourself is really the better way to go. After all, we are church!


Che' Lovell said...

Absolutely Sister!

Let's all say together: I am not a horse-rider but a horse whisperer. Tell me where you want to take me! Tell me about those green fields and the flowers and read me e. e. cummings!

Then we'll seize control of all the private radio stations and newspapers like revolutionary hero and liberator Hugo Chavez so we can broadcast our message of liberation to all the world!

Father Tim said...

Thanks, Sister Fairah, for explaining what "CCC" stands for. At first, I thought it was the CCC from CCCP - you know, the initials on the side of the Soviet rockets we used to cheer for. But then I saw all the rad-trads using it and I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. "Communal Caring Council?" "Charitable Communion Club?"

But "Circumspect Chary Cult" makes a lot more sense, even though I don't know what "Chary" is. Maryann will know.