Monday, September 10, 2007

How H. Robert Williams is Kept Alive

Hey this is really for my friend Agent Smith and also Eegah(inc?) and Scifi Catholic.

I know there not church and stuff but anyway I still think there web-sites are pretty cool. Especially when they talk about Anime and stuff like that. And Eegahinc after I got back from Connecticut I was watching this movie on youtube called "Warrior of the Lost World." Its awesome and stuff because its got this cool motorcycle that talks and its older than knight rider I think except its set in the future so its not. But Eegah is doing this going to hell week and so you really should go over there even though he is taking some time off and read all the cool stuff he has to say. But its kind of maybe too radtrad.

D. G. D. Davidson who is the Scificatholic can't be a radtrad because he looks like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix which was an AWESOME movie. We used to watch it a lot but H. Roberts got sick of it and somehow made the DVD player melt it Its kind of weird because he can somehow program stuff. Like he made the microwave beep really loud. I met Keanu Reeves when I was in Hollywood one time. He is an AWESOME actor and he even said "Excellent" and "Bogus." That's cause I was hanging out with Sean Penn. I mean Sean Penn is also AWESOME... but not as awesome as Julia Roberts because she is really really cool.

Well Agent Smith wanted to know how the stuff that keeps H. Robert alive works. So here goes (because I am not a scientist type person).

There's this wind mill thing on the roof of our apartment and a solar panel too and this cord which attaches to them. My dad gave me the money for my birthday and Keith knows some people who need a lot of electricity to run a lot of lights under there houses so they know how to do this kind of thing and they put it up for me. Then the two cords go into this box and another cord comes out and is attached to another box. This one makes a humming sound all the time especially at night. I think it makes hydrogen from corn or something but I might be wrong because I don't know who puts all the corn in the box but its not me. This box is in the room with H. Robert. We drilled a hole through the wall.

Anyway a bunch of cords come out of this box and one of them goes to the computer thing and another goes to the PS2 and another goes to the TV and another goes to Keith's flourescent lights in the closet in his room where all the green leaf tea is growing all the time. Oh yah. and another is hooked up to the toaster and the microwave and refridgerator.

Oh yah! I forgot to mention there was this other cord attached to the first box which goes into those things which look like telephone lines. I think Keith said we're actually supplying power to the phone companies or something so we're reducing green house gasses. I don't know why that's there. What's really cool is now we don't use electricity at all which shows you that green power works! And I never see the wind mill going at all!

Anyway H. Robert kind of floats in the jar most of the time. When he get's really excited he kind of goes to the top and if he's sad or asleep he kind of floats to the bottom.

Another cord comes from the second box that hums and goes to this box thing that the jar sits on and bubbles come out. I don't think the bubbles do anything but I asked Tom Cruise if he could make it bubble and he said sure. And there's all these sensors and stuff that read the magnetic field which I think Krystal said was the aura and that's how you know what H. Robert's is thinking if he wants you to know because sometimes he doesn't.

Anyway I have all this salt and sugar and I mix it with two cups of luke warm water and I pour that into the jar two times a day and I take out the same amount of old water. But I'm not supposed to let it drop below this red line because that would be bad. And I have to wear gloves because of the germs.

This halloween (sorry Father Tim I meant Samhain fest) I'm going to take H. Robert to the church and set him up there for a little bit. And then I'm going to see if I can put a lightbulb in there with him. That way when we turn off the lights he'll kind of glow.



Father Tim said...

Wow o Wow! Ché, I don't know where you find the time to be so up on all that technology stuff. Maybe Ngyuen could understand you, but all that scientific mumbo-jumbo made my head hurt! Say hi to Keith for me!

Che' Lovell said...

Thanks Father Tim!

I read all those books by Al Gore and that really helps a whole lot. And also I have to read a lot of science because of the eco church. And also I watch the discovery channel and animal planet because I really like Meercat manner.


D. G. D. Davidson said...

Thanks for the plug, Che'. I've never been told I look like Keanu Reeves before, though I have been told twice I look like Harry Potter. Actually, those clip-on sunglasses are just there to obscure my massively thick lenses.

And nope, no radtrads here. Snuffles and I are both of the Neo-Cath variety, Frederick says he prefers to keep his religion "private," Phenny is an unabashed pagan, Lucky says all that religious stuff is over his head, and I think Rocky might be an atheist, so we're a diverse group!

Snuffles the Dragon said...

Correction, Deej. You are a Neo-Cath. I on the other hand am an unwilling heathen because of the Church's rule that fantasy creatures can't be baptized. I'm sure these fine folks at the Spirit of Vatican 2 Community understand my plight. Why can't we dragons be Eucharist to each other?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Snuffles and D. G. D.!

I think Keanu Reeves was called Neo wasn't he? I'm not sure what neo means but I took an anthropology class at U.T. and it has something to do with rocks or something.

The MATRIX was AWESOME! Because I think it was saying how the world is actually evil and stuff and imprisons your soul. I mean except for nature and everything which doesn't.

Anyway I've got to make sure I read all your stuff before Father Tim bans you which he almost surely will do as soon as you say something which isn't church.


Anonymous said...

I think we need to have a Matrix night ... bring Snuffles. I just love non-fiction movies that appear fiction, like the Matrix!

Snuffles the Dragon said...

Personally, I think somebody needs to organize a Dragons' Rights Protest.

You have to read all of D. G. D.'s stuff? Oh man, are you in for it! I'm positive he's said all kinds of things that aren't church, so you shouldn't have too much trouble there.

Father Tim said...

Hey Snuffles! Yeah - I've taken a look at that 'blog, and I'm gonna have to ban it. Right now I have it rated as PH,F,IT,R,O+

I think the right persyn to organize the dragon's rights thing is probably Ché's friend Krystal. Frankly I think that dragons are mythical beings that the Pope used to scare peasants out of hunting in the Papal forests. But I validate you persynally, and affirm your persynhood.

D. G. D. Davidson said...

I would with much honor take a banning from your blog. I like your choice of rating codes, too, though I'm not entirely sure how I won the R or the F. I suppose my use of terms like "transrealism," "cyberpunk," or "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn" could count as funny language.

Incidentally, is there any chance of your putting out a "Banned Blog" badge for the banned blogs?