Monday, September 24, 2007

Che' Guevara Day

Hey everybody! I just wanted to let everybody know about the AWESOME celebrations we're planning for Che' Guevara day!

You'd have to be really really stupid if you don't know that Tuesday October 9 is the 40th anniversary of the martyrdom of the HERO OF AMERICA PEOPLES! Anyway, last year was pretty lame because only about four people showed up but I think that's because we didn't have the blog and we were also trying to not use paper any more because paper is made of trees and so we didn't have the bulletin either. So I got some money this year because I sold some of Keith's band's amps and stuff and also I got some money from someplace I don't want to mention. So it's going to be a lot cooler!

Anyway here's what's happening!

On Saturday we're going to have a two mile obstacle coarse race through the SOV2 grounds to help raise awareness for opressed peoples in Americas. We're going to be laying out obstacles from the summer solstice picnic like those punji sticks and some pits and lawn darts and we're going to have poll vaulting and this mud pit and stuff and some barbed wire. Bring a teeshirt and we'll decorate them with tie die and things.

Then we're going to have a picnic lunch catered by the falafel hut.

On Sunday night we're going to be showing a couple of movies made in Cuba about Che' and we're going to be exhibiting some patriotic art and stuff (I mean cuban art) and we're going to be eating these sandwiches with lots of cucumbers and stuff and fried in vegetable oil.

On Monday DON'T GO TO WORK! I mean if you do work or go to school because we're going to be making lots of banners. Bring your sissors and lots of glue and different felt and things. Also crayons and markers and sparkle stuff because we're also going to make berets.

Then on Tuesday DON'T GO TO WORK!

We're going to march around Market Square with the banners and posters and have lunch at the Soup Kitchen. Then we're going to have a special guest named Harry Bellafonte and Danny Glover. I mean you probably saw them at the Summer festival but they're going to be back! But you can't talk to them or touch them or anything and don't take pictures or get very close.

Then we're going to go over to my Dad's pool and have a candlelight vigil so bring your candles and a lighter and maybe a flashlight and some bug spray. And we're going to sing songs. Then I am going to talk to everybody about what Che' would want us to do today.

And Keith's banned is going to be playing some acoustical music (they don't know that) by John Lennon and also by Nirvanna and Matt Johnson of The The and also Purple Rain.

So plan on attending all those things because it will BE AWESOME!



ignorant redneck said...

Bug Spray? Thems got chemicles and such like in 'em! Not gud! Not Gud atall! wy, they stink up and skeer off the little animuls and gives yu kanser! The CIA put that deeeeet suf on the trops in"nam, and look what hapened!

them homeless sercecy guys is what brought in that neyl virus, to get us to us deeeeeet.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Che', for a long time I wondered why a guy with an English (or Irish?) surname (Lovell) would have such a big interest in Ernesto Guevara, an Argentinian who became associated with Cuba.

Well, I just found out that one of his great-grandfathers was an immigrant from Ireland to Argentina, and his name was Patrick Lynch.

I also found out that, as a kid, he was found to have the nickname "chancho" (which means "pig"). It was because he rarely bathed.

I also found out that, when he was making his way north through Central America, he got the nickname, "Che," because that was an Argentinian slang expression (like "Hey!") that Erny used a lot.

But maybe you knew this and stuff?

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant to say that he was PROUD to have the nickname "chancho," even though it means "pig."

larsterkhan said...

I think it's wonderful that you're going to all this trouble to highlight the poor pitiable condition of those imprisoned in Gulag Cuba by Fidel Castro and his ilk. One day we'll be able to hoist a Cuba Libre indeed.

Cygnus said...

I bought this T-shirt just for the occasion.

Che' Lovell said...

Hey! It's great that there's already so much excitement! Hopefully we can all learn more about Che. One of the things I learned about Che' was he had a motorcycle and road it all over South America like Easy Rider and also he was part Bask. I think Basks are these people who live in spain.

But do you think bug spray hurts bugs? I mean and it contains chemicals too? Because I only use organic stuff so if that's the case then don't bring bug spray.

ignorant redneck said...

Pretty shur it hurts bugs, cause when mi kuzin sprayded it into that guys mowth he wint all twitchity foammy.

Now the TV sez use deet. On accunna nylle vest viros. Itzza plot, so weel help isreal and the bankeners cause weell be all twitchity cause the homless secrecy guys do it for the CIA and those guys in geneva.

Anonymous said...

Che, to really celebrate what Che did for Cuba your obstacle course should include a 300-mile raft race and People's Border Guards shooting anyone who looks like they might make it to the finishing line.