Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ghost of Vatican 2 & Greek Choir Sunday

Hey everybody! Well I've got a couple of things I feel like 'blogging about c'est soir. First off, I was thinking of maybe making a gesture of ecumenical reconciliation toward all those Moto Propio people and for a couple of weeks, change the name of this 'blog to "Ghost of Vatican 2" - you know, like how they used to call it "Holy Ghost" instead of "Holy Spirit?" Anyway, that might make some of the Traddies see that we're not all about dissing them and whatnot.

On another note, I got to go to the Greekfest today over at St. George's church, and boy! Do those Greeks know how to make a good Gyro! Yum yum! We did have a little disappointment, though. Todd brought his Sugar Spirit Choir along to take part in the ecumenical outreach concert, and would you believe that those Greeks were rude enough to boo? He wasn't halfway through "Gather Us In For Dulcimers" when they started throwing stuff. There was a scuffle and one of Todd's dulcimers got broken.

But hats-off to Pastor Kokkonopopolis for breaking up the fight, even if he does have a funny beard. We got to talking and in an effort to build more intercultural penetration, I agreed to host the St. George's Traveling Choir at SOV2 for tomorrow's faith gatherings. I know, I know - you're thinking it's really risky having as important a part of the liturgy as music ministry being handed over to non-SOViers. But really, as long as they play a lot of Marty Haugen, what could go wrong?

Peace out! See you tomorrow in the worship space!


XXXXXX said...

I went to Greekfest tonight too... Set up some surveillance ahead of time to monitor the flow of people coming and going from the event. I had a very fine dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the church and the marketplace set up in the parish hall.

Che, I got a great shot of you protesting the lamb meat they were serving.

Agent Smith

P.S. Father Tim, I was going to ask you what the meaning of all those pictures on the walls were in the Greek church... Who was the lady they showed up front (right in front of the large table) holding the baby? Why doesn't the SOV2 building have any pictures like that?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim,

I forgot to mention I invited the whirling dervishes to put on a show. Should I cancel?


Rae said...

While I love the idea of a concession to the mantilla crowd (very ecumenical!), I worry that the title "Ghost of Vatican 2" could be misleading... Wouldn't it imply that "Vatican 2 is dead"?

On the other hand, it might also imply a Halloween theme that is very seasonally appropriate!! (Hey, we should have a Halloween Mass with costumes and stuff, and invite the Wiccans!)

Georgios Papadopolopolos said...

i was in the "crowd" at st george's and got a bit fired up and threw a couple of dolmades at Todd. Could I have them back please?