Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's get real

You will never believe that I ran into that SAME young womyn on the bus again this week. I really thought after our extended conversation last time, she wouldn't care to talk to me again, but she came right up and sat with me. She invited me (GET THIS) to go to a Latin Mass with her. I tried, as gently as possible, to explain that would NOT be happening. I don't want to go into detail, but the whole conversation was a virtual train-wreck. But it brought to mind something I've wanted to suggest for a long time:

WHY do we refer to those womyn-oppressing men in ivory towers with certain terms? If WE ARE CHURCH, then what they THINK they do really shouldn't matter to us. It follows, then, that what they are called by those womyn-oppressing men in Rome shouldn't matter to us either. I now recommend and suggest that we refer them as byshops. Gender is really a non-issue, so they should have the same designation as womyn. Ideas? Thoughts?


Father Tim said...

Hey Sister! Great ideas! Dym Tim for Byshop!

Great job resisting that Latin Mass Nazi - those people are everywhere nowadays.

paramedicgirl said...

Right you are, Father Tim. It would indeed be odd to see a feminazi at the Latin Mass.