Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look to the East!

Hey everybody! Well, just like you, I am really excited about the events in Russia, where the heroic President Vladmir Putin has dissolved the government. We're still waiting to see how this plays out, but it's great to see real democracy in action! It has been a long, cold 14 years since the Great Experiment fell apart in Russia. Since then, that country has fallen prey to the worst aspects of Capitalism - namely, that the mob runs everything, and people are no longer free to live and worship the way that they want to. It is our sincere hope, here at SOV2, that the Spirit will guide the peaceloving president Putin to turn away from the excesses of rampant consumerism and return to that people-loving system in which all men are really equal, and everyone loves his neighbor. Plus, the world needs a really powerful country that can stand up to the tyrrany of Bush and the Neocons. To commemorate the event, Ché is going to set up a projector in the worship space, and we're going to look at pictures from the last WTO Protest (synchronized to the music of the Indigo Girls). Please join us in the liturgical interior at 7:00pm for this inspiring presentation.

Oh - and in totally unrelated news, our EcoChurch club will be having their annual Watermelon Festival this Saturday.

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XXXXXX said...

My friends at the FBI and CIA are also watching this closely for any developments.

Agent Smith