Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey. Wow. I guess you all saw Ché's "post" about somebody imitating him on another 'blog. And it gets worse. Now there's somebody imitating me too. And the whole 'blog is all about pretending to know that The Spirit of Vatican 2 Faith Community is some kind of joke or "parody."

I have meditated upon this issue, and have considered several courses of action:

1. Retain H. Robert as a consultant and bring legal action against this 'blog
2. Contact Fr. Kane and the Brothers of Love to take care of this problem in their own special way
3. Come up with some means of banning this 'blog that is even more powerful than a 'blog banning

For now, I'm going with (3). Which means that Secrets of the Spirit of Vatican 2 is now not only Banned, but is also FORBIDDEN. Let them try that on for size!

Not only are all faith communicants of SOV2 prohibited from going to this 'blog, but all peoples who see this 'blog on the "internet" are forbidden from going there too!


paramedicgirl said...

Wow! Father Tim pronounced an anathema! I wonder if he was reading early Church documents?

Syb Bob said...

This may be a bit harsh Dym Tym. It could very well be a bit of crossover from an alternate dimension or maybe a future/past/different reality. I noticed an oddness during mediation this morning. One never knows.