Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ignore Father Tim and Send me MONEY!

HEY! I'm really mad because Father Tim wasn't church to me. I mean usually he's like "Yah! Che' go ahead!" and "As long as you don't actually burn down the place!" and "Hey, just clean up after yourself." But all I want is all these Che' Guevarra relics and stuff and he's like "Your being Dark Ages!"

But I WANT THE RELIC OF CHE' AND ITS NOT FAIR IF SOMEONE ELSE GETS IT! I mean probably some stupid replublican is going to get it or something because there rich and can just throw there money around all over the place and stuff. And I am the biggest Che' Guevarra fan in the entire world and just because I chose not to stay at U.T. and instead wanted to write poetry and stuff and think that football is pretty stupid and would rather hang out with cool people like Tom Cruise and Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon doesn't mean that I shouldn't get what I want. I mean who is doing more for the Earth than me? I mean H. Robert is entirely running on green power.




H Robert Williams said...


First of all it's been three days since you changed the water in my jar. Second you and Keith have too much junk in this apartment already. However, I happen to know that the artifacts are clever forgeries. I've sent an e-mail to Agent Smith and he is locating some genuine articles for you.

H. Robert

Father Tim said...

Whoa! Hey! Settle down. I hadn't realized that you felt so strongly about it. After all you've done for Social Justice here at SOV2, I think we can spare a little leeway. Let me talk to Dr. Argot and see if he can help out. I didn't really want to press him because of course the Capital Campaign is coming, and I just hit him up for the leatherbound editions of the GIA hymnals, but maybe we can hold off on the hymnals and get the lock of hair instead. I'm sure Todd won't mind waiting another year, and it's not like the St. Louis Jesuits are making any new songs anyway.

Christina said...

You know that the knitting needle had to be purchased so that it could be the relic in the altar, ... you have any idea how many visitors to the rectory have commented on how nice it looks above the fireplace?

I'm sorry, it must be because I'm still fairly new here, but, given that this "relic" was bought to be placed in the altar, why is it above the fireplace?

Father Tim said...

Hey Christina - well it's pretty straightforward. After the Bishop (now Archbishop) announced the "new parish" would not be us, but would instead be "St Albert the Great", and not only would it not be us, but they are putitng the parish RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from us, well... at that point I pretty much knew that no matter how many things we tried to do, like putting relics in the altar, there was no way we were going to get recognized as an "official" parish within this lousy radtrad diocese.

So at that point, I removed the knitting needle from the altar and took it to the rectory where it would better appreciated.

Although the whole idea of relics is rather silly and Pre-V2, I have to say that if it makes you feel any better, we still have Dorothy Day's T-Shirt enclosed in the altar, so that would count as a relic too.

Christina said...

Actually, I had no clue who Dorothy Day was, I was just curious about the whole "knitting needle on the fireplace" thing. Now I see the "logic" and have come to a better understanding of your parish.

I just looked up her biography. I can see why some would call for her canonization. It takes a lot of courage to see the evils that the sexual revolution has caused in your own life and admit them so that others can learn the truth.

I also didn't know there is a new parish approved by the Archbishop. Man, all this time I thought the only choices in Nashville were you guys or the steel wool undergarment guys down the street. Nice to know you're pro-choice :)

Anonymous said...

While we're on the money topic, I'm still $1500 short on the Reiki training bill... anyone able to help me out a bit, yet?