Friday, September 21, 2007

Clearing the Air on 'Blog Bannings

Hey! I have to say, it takes a lot to get me mad. But boy am I mad. It seems like everytime I ban a 'blog, the people who own the 'blog, instead of be ashamed and repentent, are actually proud of it. Let me say this loud and clear:


It means that your 'blog is off-limits to the faith communicants of SOV2, and a bunch of other people too. Look at your "hit counters" and I bet you see that when your 'blog gets banned, then almost no-one goes to your site. A while back I banned The Curt Jester and a friend of mine told me that now almost nobody every goes to his 'blog.

So now that we're all clear on that stuff, here are some more banned 'blogs:

Scorpion Stalking Duck: PH,F,T,C+,O, H+
Ignorant Redneck Rants: PH,R+,NC,NLU
Per Te, Sancta Maria: PH,F,EM,T,RT,UM,H+
Un-Muted Rumblings: PH,O,T,H
With a Grain of Salt: PH,IT,C,RT,F
The Spirit's Sword: PH,F,T,AM,BS,IT,H

That's all for now. Have a super Friday night!


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim! I think this is what's happening. You ban them and then they make another blog. I think there's only one of him and he's just making all these because your banned blog list is really really long.


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Okay, We are guilty as charged on all but one. Neither we nor our children were or are homeschooled. Our children do attend a publically funded Catholic School.
We plead "no contest" to the other charges, and accept your banishment.

ignorant redneck said...


Duz siss mean we gettin' hitched?

KaleJ said...

Oh the shame. I must go to confession now. Oh wait, that is banned too right?

But your not correct in your assumption of the effects. You banned me and my daily hits doubled. Thanks to the one visitor from your site today.

Karin said...

Oh man, you have banned so many of the blogs I LOVE TO READ...hmmm I wonder when I get to be banned :)since I love reading the "trad/ orthodox/non-heretical" blogs

ignorant redneck said...

Fr Tim,

You sed i wuz double banned on accounta I shots dinner.

But what about my cardboard footsplint? I don't take no card board to shoot of the portch.

Pluss--those animals eat acorns that culd be oak treess! Durrid like oak trees!

and, I dont gotta drive down to the qyuickee mart fur Burgermeat so it's gotta be better!

AquinaSavio: said...

Why do you link to our blogs if your SOV2ers are forbidden to go to them?

Temptation??? :o

antonia said...

you ban blogs?!!

How odd

st_ignatius110 said...

Interesting statement about the banned blogs and how "almost no one goes to their site" because of this. I still visit the Curt Jester and ESPECIALLY Scorpion Stalking Duck. Your friend must be wrong. :-) And Amy Welborn? You are telling me no one goes to her site? Her blog has more comments then yours does! You must have banned yourself! Ha! I guess you must have missed my blog somewhere in the mix.I am hurt since I am VERY orthodox you may want to ban mine as well. I figure if you ban me I will get more publicity! :-)

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and show you the error of your ways as He does with all of His children!

Father Tim said...

Aqui, we ban 'blogs so that our faith communicants know which 'blogs not to go to. I thought that was fairly obvious.

Antonia, we ban 'blogs to encourage free speech and an open exchange of ideas. The 'blogs we ban are those that would inhibit the free exchange of ideas because they're intolerant.

St. Ignatius (if that's your real name), my friend is very reliable and assures me that nobody visits the Curt Jester or Amy Wellborn anymore, because we banned their 'blogs. As to banning your 'blog, I haven't visited it yet, but from the tone of your intolerant comment, I bet you're one of those Cathlofascists, so I'll probably have to ban your 'blog too.

Karin said...

Hey Timmy...

Can you possible ban my blog too? I am one of those intolerant Cathlofascists and DAMN PROUD of it..better than being a heretic like some people ;) !