Saturday, September 8, 2007

More Latin Translation

Hey! Well, I have been failing to post the continued results of Ngyuen's Latin Translation program, but here's an installment. I kind of jumped ahead last time by going to article 30 of the Post-Concilliar Documents of Vatican II. This time, I'll take it right from the top:

1. SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM, cum sibi proponat vitam christianam inter fideles in dies augere; eas institutiones quae mutationibus obnoxiae sunt, ad nostrae aetatis necessitates melius accommodare; quidquid ad unionem omnium in Christum credentium conferre potest, fovere; et quidquid ad omnes in sinum Ecclesiae vocandos conducit, roborare; suum esse arbitratur peculiari ratione etiam instaurandam atque fovendam Liturgiam curare.

1. Holy Holy Council, which is a proponent of vitamins for christians with faith in dying augeries, each institution which mutates is obnoxious, to our eating of necessary melons we accomodate you. What what to union of all in Christ's street-cred we confer power, forever, and who who to all in the Church's sinuses are vocally conducive, robbers, soon Heffe arbitrates a ration of his pecs and eats restaurant water forever curing the Liturgy.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...
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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...
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Ima Nutt said...

Father! What a true expression of Latin! Never before has Latin been so church to the general public. Usually it is all that potter nose tur stuff, but this truly makes me feel eucharist and truly brings me into a wholeness of the Universal Divine Mother-Power!

Father Tim said...

Super, Ima! That's kind of how it made me feel too - it really hits home what the Council Father/Mothers were trying to say to us, and there's a lyrical quality to it that is somewhat reminiscent of Nikki Giovanni.