Friday, September 7, 2007


Hey! Well the Cathlofascists over at Rise of the TOB have really given me cause to think. They pose a dilemma which I (frankly) was not prepared for and had not noticed before:

The name of the organization Pax Christi is in Latin!!!!

This is tough. I mean, my first thought is to call Martin Sheen and demand that they change their name back to "Plowshares For Peace" which is what their name used to be back when I ran with them. Someone there got all uptight because the Neocaths were calling them "Plowsh*ts", and so they changed their name. And I didn't even make the connection that the new name was in LATIN!

If Martin isn't able to help me out on this one, we may have to sever ties with them and stop taking up our monthly collection. It's a good think Ché isn't around to hear me talking this way. Plowshares is one of his favorite organizations.


Anonymous said...

CUT THE LATIN... and be church!

Father Tim said...

Believe it or not, Dym Fairah, I am being church to Ngyuen. He put a lot of time into his latin translation program.