Sunday, September 16, 2007

sad commentary on some youth today

This last week, as I was riding the bus, a young womyn sitting near me noticed my matching cross necklace, earrings and charm-bracelet. She asked what church I attend. When I told her about SOV2, her eyebrows raised, and she told me it isn't a real church because the bishop doesn't recognize it. I could NOT believe my ears! I told her I really wasn't worried what some Pharisee in an office somewhere thinks ... God recognizes SOV2, no matter what any given human being thinks. This lead into a long conversation (I even missed my stop, and had to ride the entire loop to get to where I was going) about many things. I was so saddened by this young person... she had absolute BLINDERS on! She spoke so many half-truths, and misunderstood so many real truths. She didn't agree that God is greater than men in church office, that womyn have a right to ministerial positions in the church, that they have a right to control over their bodies, that we have an obligation to the world to protect the environment, that Gaia is feminine … oh, the list could go on and on! I asked her where she was raised, and how she came to believe these things, and she told me that her parents NEVER taught her what to think, so she went looking for answers on her own. She found them on websites and that demonic EWTN. She obviously had no idea that I’m a religious sister because she even talked about how those awful old habits are wonderful, and said that she’s wanting to find a community which wears the habit. I thought of Dym Tim’s recent post, and realized how right he is … we MUST start raising our children right! We HAVE to teach them what to think, so the rad-trads don’t get into their brain and steal their ability to think! We need to start a class here are SOV2 on raising children the RIGHT way. Dym Tim, let me know how I can help…


Anonymous said...

WOW sister--isn't it groovy that the USCCB has apointed Kathy Saile, a pro-choice womyn who last worked for the Lutherans to be the director of domestic policy!

She even was a featured speaker at the WIN convention. (Their web page has a nifty link for "queer women" in politics!

Laurence Gonzaga said...

What is SOV2?

Laurence Gonzaga said...

OK Spirit of Vatican II Church... This is a gag site right? Are you really a proponent of the "Spirit of Vat 2"?

Che' Lovell said...

For a limitted time you can see the truth at:


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

That's a great idea, Sister, but there's a problem with it...

Before you can raise your kids to be good progressives, you have to have kids.

larsterkhan said...

Maybe soon they could just clone kids. Never too early to start planning the SOV2 creche. A big emphasis on ecology would probably be mandatory. They could call it the Advanced Bi-gendered Use School of Ecology.

Father Tim said...

Hey folks!

Great "post" Sister! It was wonderful how you were trying to be eucharist with that young womyn. It just goes to show how poisonous and insidious are the traddies.

Great points, Larsterkhan - we really do need to be pushing toward a future in which kids can be produced in the loving care of social planners, and not rely so much on morbid sexual intimacy, which, of course, is perfectly fine if it's used for pleasure or self-realization.

In the meantime, our upcoming "Give Your Kids To Us" campaign will fill in the gaps until our Birthing Offsets program takes off.

DigiHairshirt said...

"Give Your Kids to Us," Fr. Tim? Shades of "1984" where children were taught by the State to turn in subversive parents!

Paul, the Regular Guy - good point to Sr. Fairah. The good thing with progressive liberal women such as her is that they are unlikely to bear children.

This parody is so close to actual thinking, it's scary!

Father Tim said...

Hey Digi! You know, you radtradders are always throwing around that book 1984 like it's a bad thing. But compare 1984 the book to the real 1984:

1984 the book: America is run by Big Brother, a friendly man who looks after his peoples.

1984 the reality: America is run by Ronald Reagan, an evil totalitarian who fired flight controllers who then became the homeless.

1984 the book: People get up in the morning and exercise in front of the giant big-screen interactive TV's.

1984 the reality: Al Gore hadn't even invented the internet, and there were no big screen TV's.

1984 the book: There were only three countries in the world - it was almost a world-government!

1984 the reality: America was the only superpower who created AIDS to punish homosexuals, forced black and white peoples to live apart in South Africa, and starved Ethiopians.

I rest my case. We could do worse things than follow the pattern of 1984. Although it's not quite as enlightened as Brave New World.

Christina said...

Ever consider that if you were wearing a habit she would have known you were a sister and may have had more respect for your opinions? Don't true Catholics like her blindly follow anyone in religious dress?

She's probably looking up the Nashville Dominicans right now, or signing up for a pro-life campaign like the 40 Days for Life. She may even be convincing people to leave the SOV2 faith community for the "recognized" churches.

All that could have been avoided had you disguised yourself in a veil sad ;)

DigiHairshirt said...

Hmmmm . . . Father Tim's been hitting the soma again.

BTW, Father, I wouldn't call myself a RadTrad - more of a conservative Novus Ordo-ite. Last Sunday, EVERY song sung at Mass was written before 1950! Whoo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever WORN a habit? They are the WORST, constricting things in the world... and were definately forced on womyn as a reminder of their oppression. Why don't people GET the fact that the habit sets the womyn apart and makes them exceedingly unapproachable? That young womyn would have NEVER spoken to me if I had been in habit ... get real!

And for the records: I would LOVE to be a priest, but haven't found anyone who will ordain me, yet. Even the 'bishops' who are open to ordaining womyn force you into this stupid interview, and I just don't interview well. I get all nervous and end up crying through most of it. So my "spiritual advisor' role is the closest thing I think I'll be offered (thanks, Dym Tim).

Father Tim said...

Hey! No problem Sister. And remember, as soon as I'm elected Bishop, then I will ordain you! And Maryann too.