Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another Mia Culper

Hey! I apologize for the latin in the title above, but I am really penitent. The Mom pointed out that I haven't updated the Banned 'Blog list in a while, and you know what! She's right. I need to get on that. My excused is that Ngyuen has had a bad cold and has been in a bad mood, and not wanting to upset him, I avoided asking him to make 'blog changes.

As long as we're on the topic of banned 'blogs, I have to announce that I've had to make a new classification for the 'blog rating code:

H: Homeschooling.

This came up because of the 'blog of one of The Mom's friends, who I hereby ban:

Peace & Quiet: PH,C+,T,O,H

Peace out!


the Mom said...

GIve me an H as well, please.

the Mom said...

I cannot believe that you would be so judgmental about our education choices.

Father Tim said...

Hey! Well, The Mom, I'm not being judgemental about your education choices. I'm totally pro-choice. But by Homeschooling your kids, you are being judgemental about our fine public school system - you are basically saying "Hey! Your schools aren't good enough!" How do you think that makes our Teachers feel? Not too good. You may feel like it is your "choice" to try to teach your kids at home, but I bet you are teaching them a bunch of rigid traditionalist subjects like "math" and "history". Your kids should be free to develop into myn and womyn within the safe and loving environment of the public educational system, rather than being kept in the dark cellars of eurocentric education.

Peace out!

Dym Plarvik

Kasia said...

Hey, doesn't calling men "myn" effective re-oppress womyn, since the whole reason for switching to "womyn" instead of "women" was that "women" was too like "men"?

Now I'm dizzy.

paramedicgirl said...

Good list of banned blogs, Father Tim. I think you secretly read all those traddy blogs, and even like them.;}