Monday, September 3, 2007



A lock of Che' Guevarra is going on sail and we need to buy it RIGHT NOW! Please send me as much money as you have right away!

Keith sent me this and its NOT A JOKE!,2933,295602,00.html

I didn't ask Father Tim but I think this is called a relic or something and your supposed to collect these things. If I get it I am going to put it next to my lock of Julia Robert's hair and a tee-shirt that Tim Robbins left when he stayed the night with Krystal after our Solstice party and with water from L. Rob Hubbard's brain jar which I took as a souvenir too.



Father Tim said...

Hey! You're right on, Ché - that lock of hair would be a relic, IF WE WERE LIVING IN THE DARK AGES! Seriously, man, all that "saint" and "relic" stuff is just another curtain that the pre-V2 Church placed between the fellowship of peoples and the Great Spirit. You don't need a piece of hair to commune with Ché Guevera, all you need is to share the love that he shared for all peoples. And you know what, Ché? You have that love. So don't worry about buying a lock of C.G.'s hair - instead you should save your money for our upcoming Capital Campaign.

Che' Lovell said...

But Father Tim! I wasn't going to use my own money but other people's because I'm saving up for a Wii because H. Robert pretty much has our PS2 all the time now and he says we're too lame. I mean how many times do you have to beat Mega God of Death?

And what about that knitting needle you have from Dorothy Day? I mean how come we all pitched in to buy that and I can't get some of Che' Guevarra's hair.


Father Tim said...

Hey Ché - you know that's not a valid comparison - you've committed the fallacy of Ad Hoc Ego Proper Hoc, as we trained logicians like to say. You know that the knitting needle had to be purchased so that it could be the relic in the altar, which is one of those silly rules that the Diocese was making us do back when we were trying to be a Diocescan "parish". So as you can see, I didn't purchaes the knitting needle for myself at all, but for the good of the faith community. And even now it enriches the faith community. Do you have any idea how many visitors to the rectory have commented on how nice it looks above the fireplace? At least a dozen! But I forgive you because we are church.