Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Book Study

Hey, it's Che'

There's a new book study we're going to start tomorrow for Eco-Church. It's going to be a great book and you'll never guess who the author is because she is from Knoxville and grew up in Oak Ridge. But you'll want to go buy it tonight.

You know most of the time I don't read too much because Al Gore doesn't write a lot of books and stuff and a lot of the stuff they put in books they put in movies and things anyway. So what's the point? But I do like poetry and I really like e. e. cummings because he's got two e's in a row and because he does all this neat stuff with spelling, puncuation, and grammer. Those are really important to me because I think how you communicate to people shows you what kind of person you are. Like a lot of people start talking about one thing and then all of a sudden there talking about something else.

Keith is like that and it really bugs me. First of all it was his STUPID IDEA to not flush toilets. He said that it causes global warming because all the water goes away and water is what keeps the earth cool. Which makes sense because where is it hottest? In a desert where there isn't any water. But the other thing is if I don't feed Erin or change H. Robert's water do you think Keith does it? The only time was when I went up to Conneticut to see my mom.

There's something I'm forgetting to talk about. Oh yah, this is really cool! I went to this site called and got a photo of me turned into this picture.

I think it's pretty cool but then guess what! IT'S A BURGER KING ADVERTISING THING! Yah! I mean do you know how many chickens, cows, fish and potatoes that Burger King kill in a year? But I made the picture anyway because it's pretty funny.

Oh Yah! The Political guide things. I was working on one for Barak Obama who is a democrat. I think he's a senator or a congressman or something. You know a lot of people don't know this but there's actually two houses in the house of representatives. The first is the senate and the other is the congress. And there not the same people.

No wait. That wasn't it. Man this bugs me because it was something important. Anyway I'll see everybody tomorrow. Make sure you buy the book because we're going to get started right away.


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