Sunday, September 9, 2007

Its me Che'

Hey Father Tim. It's me Che'.

I wanted to let you know I am okay. Yah that was me in the picture. I went up there to hang out with my mom and the Fairfield Greens. We're trying to get them to close down a couple Nuclear Reactors up there so they went nude bathing in the bay It was really gross because a lot of them are really fat. Oh yah! and the TV people didn't even show up which was good because I was embarassed. But this one girl Helga was actually really cute but I don't think she likes men.

Here' a picture with my mom in it. She's the one that looks like me

I don't think I'll do that again. My mom is just mad all the time and yelling at the TV and we went to like six protests in three days. Also she hasn't cleaned up her place. She has this place on the beach but it's all full of sea kayaks and other stuff and I had to sleep on this couch that she picked up at a flea market. Also a lot of her friends smell really bad. Kind of like the couch. And also she has too many cats.

But I like her a lot better than Brenda who is my step-mom. Because Brenda is like all cute and stuff but she wares too much make-up all the time. It's like mom is the anti-Brenda and Brenda is the anti-mom. But my mom uses all the alimony from my dad to pay for all the protests which is cool. She won;t give me any to buy the relic of Che' I wanted and said that the perosn selling it was a capitalist lackie and she didn't want any of her money going to someone like that. ANd I said yah that's true but I still want it and she still said no.

But everybody is real smart up here. There aren't all these stupid people saying that there's no global warming because everybody up here knows there is. I heard a great poem and I think it's almost as good as Nikki's stuff:
I mean, it's awsome this line:"We need a decentralized system that stops wasting energy transporting goods all over the world." Cause I was thinking how's he gonna make that rhyme? But he did with "Stop the Corpirates and help free the world." And even though its the same word and stuff, I still think it's pretty cool. I mean Corpirates that's like corporate pirates all smushed together. They are so smart.



Father Tim said...

Hey! Ché - you're not going to believe this, but that's my cousin sitting next to your mother in that picture. Also, have you talked to your mom about our Capital Campaign?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim!

Yah but my mom is like so much against all the church stuff because she says that all churches do is exploit peoples and things and I sad yah! but not us because we don't do that because we're not like them and she still said no because she's giving all her alimony money to Ralph Nader and greenpeace.

And I asked my dad but Brenda goes to that big baptist church on Cumberland and so he doesn't want to.