Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friends Let us Embrace Each Other

Dear friends,

You will be happy to know I have dropped my wrongful life suit against SOV2. I have much to thank Che for in this regards as it was his gentle reminding that the authentic spirit guides us ever towards reconciliation with each other. And of course Dr. Argot's generous gift did play a part in my decision. LOL!

However, I would like, if I may be permitted, to point out a flaw in your attitude towards the misguided, rigid traditionalists. Let me say one thing: you are missing a valuable opportunity to reach them.

Language, may I remind you, is an important tool. We must change minds and hearts not always by forceful persuasion but also by gentle coaching. If you reject a priori the language and forms of the traditionalists how will you find ways of communicating with them? Is it not much more sensible to adapt their language to our own purposes? For example, let us take the word "tradition." Yes, I understand you when the word makes your skin crawl but let us consider how we might use it to our benefit. Let us say "Catholics have a traditional love for the mission of Social Justice." Or consider this: "Inclusivity to all people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, is part of the welcoming tradition all catholics have esteemed."

Let us look at how by proper use, we can change the use of words to reflect modern experiences of truth. Take this example I often used in classes: "the word 'catholic' comes from the greek word meaning universal: therefore to be catholic means to embrace many traditions." I would then show how various pagan traditions were adopted into and added into the judaic tradition to form the diverse early christian church life.

Yes, (may I speak so boldly?) we may even invoke various historical personages. For example, we may quote Franics of Assissi when he said "preach the gospel always, and when necessary use words." This quote alone I have found is sufficient to quiet many a rigid traditionalist take on the role of the church in the world.

Yes there are some on the other side who see this and fear this as the ultimate means to undermine their hopes for a return to male clerical hegemony. They would persuade you that certain words and actions make up their "language" and your acceptance of these terms amounts to an acceptance of their dogmatic outlook. I assure you it is not so. You must not think like them. You must not listen to them. But you must embrace their language and make it your own. "How shall this be done?" You might ask. "How can I pilfer their language without the danger of being corrupted by their thoughts?" Do not worry. I and those like me shall guide you. And once we have conquered their language you will have taken their voice from them. Every word they speak will be a word for us and against them. Then our victory, our own City of God built around our own Temple of the Human Spirit, will draw near!

So let us go forge our community-state! Or let us say our family-state. For what, after all, is a family but a bond of love and obligation which holds its members together and shelters them in love? These that you call your children are not your children but belong to all. Do not trouble yourselves with what is right and good. Let the family-state decide who is best to look after them in their inocence and vulnerability. Yield to the family-state these children, give them to everyone so that we all may raise them with love and openness and let them be free to be whatever it is they wish themselves to be!

H. Robert


larsterkhan said...

After reading that it makes me wonder what it would be like to pour a package of Pop Rocks into H. Roberts jar.....

I suppose H. Roberts would agree that "ideas are weapons". And he's advocating linguistic judo.

Father Tim said...

Hey H. Rob! - I've been trying to figure out what you're talking about and for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Maryann tried ot explain it to me, but I just don't get it. I feel like I have to call Fr. Juno and get him to explain it to me. See what you've done?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey larsterkhan and father tim!

I've tried the pop rocks things and it's pretty cool but basically he just gets all excited and then the light bulbs start exploding and stuff. We only use those twist bulb things in the apartment but they still explode.

I think H. Robert is maybe really getting bored because he's already read Wikipedia five times.