Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yesterday's Raid

The Knoxville police tried to move in on Dr. Al-Fakkir's weapon stash yesterday. They were following an anonymous tip. I tried to warn them that they were making a mistake, but they told me not to interfere with their police investigation.

They busted down the door and raided one of the safe houses of Fakkir, but it ended up being a huge embarrassment for the KPD. All they found was a Swiss Army knife and a couple maps of the city of Knoxville. (They missed several hints that my men found later too.)

The good news is that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is kinda tied up at the moment, so their local head asked me to take over the investigation. So I guess this is a warning
to Fakkir--I'm going to find that stash... My men are now processing hundreds of pieces of information that we have already gathered. We will catch you!

Agent Smith

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anonymous tipster said...

Agent Smith, there are a bunch of boxes labeld "m18a1" under neath o pile of catechism books in the basement--I knew something was up when those were on TOP of a pile!