Friday, January 4, 2008

Back from DC

Hey all!

I just got back from DC and got situated back in my office last night. Agent Jones gave me a full briefing of everything that happened while I was away. Just a reminder to Dr. al-Fakkir: It is not legal to possess C-4 or the automatic weapons that you were attempting to purchase recently.

Agent Smith


Deacon Bernadette Carnahan said...

Next you're going to tell us that my holy water bong is illegal, too.

Anonymous said...

If we all just listened to the Doctor with greater love, he would divine how much he was truly cherished. I'm going to concentrate on better listening right now. I feel so good about myself when I practice deep listening. It really has facilitated my ability to comprehend all the world's problems and as a result I feel so much better about myself, the choices I have made (and not made), and my massages are that much more effective for me as well.

Hai-k said...

Obviously once you get through listening, whether you actually 'do' anything is a crap shoot. Sometimes we do by doing and sometimes we do not.

martinique said...

Liturgically I like it best when I can contemplate nothingness, with no reminders of the olden days to ruin my fantasies but just lots of cozy reminders of self and selfhood in society. If anyone tries to mess with me by asking ludicrous questions based on their ignorance and prior 'Church' and worship brainwashing, I will access my friends in the counter movement media to threaten them with sweet nothings.

ignorant redneck said...

Iz all them pipe bombs legal? An thee mollootovve kocktales?

stalkerspecial said...

dear neck,
sweetest nothings!
catch you on the gots the power, we gots big me knowledgeable, me bloggin'...happy trails
like kehoutek, you were gone
you gots the inside scoop, the pix, to 'prove' yourself, you gots it all, but you aint got me

friendofcharles said...

redneck's journey towards self actualization, authorship, authority, stalking control

ignorant redneck

Age: 48
Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Aries
Zodiac Year: Boar
Industry: Non-Profit
Occupation: Parasite on the Body Politic
Location: New Albania : The Ohio Valley : United States
About Me
Ex-Paratrooper, Ex-Neo Pagan Cult Leader, Ex-husband (twice) Grandpa who reverted to the Church Christ founded, and constantly struggles with the effects of an amoral life. I despise disingenuous writing, speaking and argumentation. I don't trust priests, brothers or sisters, but do trust the priesthood and the ideal of religious life. I once tried my vocation but left the novitiate of the Franciscan Brothers of Christ the King, when I realized that sodomy was part of the normative lifestyle of the congregation. (They were finally suppressed by the Archbishop of Indianapolis--after the paperwork from Davenport caught up to them!) I believe in the teachings of the Holy Catholic church, and have a great sence of awe in the presence of the Eucharist, which I prefer to call the Blessed Sacrament. I also Believe in the "lavender Mafia"--a cabal of sodomites infesting and corrupting the American Catholic Church. I actually do have a sence of humor, but I don't do it well in writing.

Radio wire is often used to make bird nests. What station do they listen to?
First we must distinguish, are these idigenous, native species, or are they introduced, invasive species. For it is clear, that if they are indiginous species, they will listen to Rush Limgaugh, but if they are invasive species, they will listen to Air America. Unless they listen to EWTN, which everyone loves




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Living through Modern Culture.
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Song of Bernadette

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Hammer Studios horror from the '60s

Cutthroat Island

Most Errol Flynn and John Wayne.
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Moutain goes on and on.
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Harry Potter

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Ignorant Redneck Rants

sojournerT said...

stalker getting awfully close to authentic slander there, yes? do the ends justify the means? no one is frightened of your lies...
'a liar and a murderer from the beginning'

Anonymous said...

whatcha talkin about red? what 'mafia'? what's the deal? why so bitter? aren't you happy with your self

mmdox said...

woa people are very's like, 'you can go and die' but if you're all like, no i'm not just gonna go and die, they're all like, ok, then you are a bigot and an ignorant one and we're gonna distort your intentions and kill you for it, just cause you didn't do what we said when we said, and then you're like, oh, i'm really scared, you're going to slander me and pretend i'm something i'm not, all for the church or your 'happiness' and your special projects which must be promoted and then you realize, duh, this is a full blown persecution, distortion and falsehood by those in power, so then you realize, oh, it's cool, if i get slimed then it's a good thing (rejoice)...ok, whatever youthink you gotta do for yourself and all but the reality is something way esle, yo

foadore said...

fyi some folks told Adore-o some stuff that really shocked her, but she was saying, she hadn't asked for the info and didn't really want to know but they kept telling her this and that. but then when the higher ups were kind of nasty after that it got her thinking about things and a little worried, she was saying. but she tried to just continue on but then some really whacked out stuff started happening and she just didn't want to admit that people would do this and that and misconstrue her intentions even though people were warning her. she was just, oh people are really good at heart even though it was tough she tried to hang in there. but she knows the truth and what doesn't kill makes her stronger...just so y'all know what's going on

ignorant redneck said...

actually i do trust priests, just deeply mistrust abuses of power, whether it be in the church or in other places. if free speech is a molotov coketail, so be you go...all the other stuff is mostly true, except the part about the Franciscans and the mafia, i have heard that they exist however i have no definitive proof.
i tend to be a loner, due to childhood issues i avoid joining a lot of things.
that's why i feel so at home here at sov2. i don't have to face the discomforting facts about power struggles in the church today via the media and other various resources. i can just hang out in the spirit maze and look for the coming of one or two tree spirits, crack open a brewski...
when they tell the publications blogs to 'be quiet' as such, in this exact same manner, i'll be willing to peaceably 'shut up', as suggested herein.
peace out

ikhi said...

what is hammer studio horror from the 1960s? i wish i was down on that cultural reference...that must be some special project, horror film history. no insight there.

ignorant redneck said...

i don't know anything about firearms either but i'm willing to learn.
as far as liturgy is concerned, i wouldn't know. who writes those intentions, anyway? i would like to be something called an Acolyte, (for adults) however this is something doled out on a need to gift basis to churchly favorites, in some places, i guess. they never seem to hold elections for this post. i mean ministry.
as far as prayer goes, even rednecks pray sometimes. paratroopers etc., well they've got to pray. veterans, i would think that experience would kind of be a wake up call as far as prayer goes.
even cowboys get the blues.
i don't like to blaspheme, though so i would tend not to refer to a sacramental in the context of a humorous blog. most Catholics are funny like that. they don't mock sacraments, no matter where they are on their journey. that's not to say that they are humorless, that is an ugly stereotype and if you actually meet a couple you might find they are really fun and interesting types. even read a best-selling book entitled, 'My Life With the Saints' and see that Catholic types can be really cool after all.
i generally do not spell 'sense' as 'sence', but then i am a native english speaker. perhaps you can follow the electronic trail here by the bizarre portugese blog ad which follows.
i do like birdwatching.
but i don't know much about wires etc.
see, even rednecks are hard to pinpoint demographically.
music, i do like just like many humans. i am not good at it, not as good as some folks. i like to write but am not as good at it as some folks. like no one would ever pay me to do that stuff for real.
what else was it, family and grandkids, well, what's not to like.
the other kind of ugly situations you refer to in your stalker profile, well, one might be a redneck but that's not accurate is it.
finally, fyi, i detest harry potter. never, ever cracked it or gotten into it. not into the book clubs generally, illiterate and ignorant as i am, i generally spend my free time choppin' wood behind the log cabin, pumpin gas at the gas station where a lady once came up and told me i would be a priest some day. go figure, i was told that and yet i get pegged as someone who doesn't trust them. a rude awakening.
i trust all priests who show themselves to be trustworthy and those that show that they can't be trusted, are's the same when it comes to clergy as it is in the 'real world'...or is that world more real than the media universe

MmK said...

this blog might strike some of us as eerily familiar. too familiar! i just want it made clear that i am not the author, don't know who the authors are. it seems like a situation i am familiar with and how it all got translated here is anyone's guess. but for the record, i would have much rather things gone as intended originally than it become fodder for one wing or another's church politics hatchet jobs.