Thursday, January 17, 2008


I AM SO MAD! Okay now I am calmer. I mean people don't seem to know that there is nothing more important than how people FEEL about stuff. Like if people are gay. They can't help it because that's the way the FEEL. And also if people happen to really like the way womyn look a lot (I mean the cute ones not the ones that aren't cute) and that's the way they FEEL then they shouldn't be called a name like a womyn-hater because the fact is they really like womyn which is why they like hanging out with them.

I think that's what being church is about. It is about me being able to do what I feel and telling you that if you feel that way you should do it. I mean the Church of Reason where Kerri went was just the opposite so I don't think they were a church at all because they didn't even believe in God or Goddess or Gaia or anything. They believed in contractural ethics which has nothing to do with a diseases though I thought it did which is part of the reason that Joan did not like me. But I didn't like her because she was really ugly.

I mean most of you people and I am talking about you people who keep criticizing SOV2 are really just horse riders who want to get on a horse and play polo and hit the horse and stuff.

So I am not taking it anymore.

H. Robert said if I ever felt that way that I was to hook this IPOD thing he had up to my computer and click on this thing that said hrobert_backup.exe. So that is what I am going to do.




Anonymous said...

The Great American Philosopher, Robert heilein said:

"There's nothing wrong with writing poetry, but do it in private, and be sure to wash your hands afterward."


Mychal, the Usher said...


I like your peoms--they're so sensitive.

Ima Perile, episcoposa. said...

Just a Reminder--we're all going to be there in the morning, with our burkas, our misckoxen, our tattoo guns, our tiedie and our attitude.

The Universa church of the Gaian harmonic Convergance and the Amozonian gyno-Militia will give new meaning to "Church Militant".

Flint and Steel make fire, but Womyn and Steel make vengance!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishopess Puerile:

We are glad that you will be in burkhas. The better not to see you with! It'll be easier on our eyes this way. We'll help you to behave well. Your attitude won't exactly stand up well to Tasers. Don't be the next one to screech, "Don't tase me, bro!"

Agent Jones

Karynn McAllister-Hughes said...

Dym Tim,

What the heck is going on? Are we having some sort of Extraterrestrial Outreach? Iain and I were walking to the Labyrynth this morning, and found the tranquility path blocked by some cort of militaristic Armored troop carrier, and when we got around it There were all these huge cow like things! They frightened Bill and Hilliary (you rember bill and Hiliary, our
shar-pei children?) when Hilliary got excited One of theos Cow like things stepped on Her--She still isn't acting right!

And all those persons in blotchity space suit looking things, like giant strange dresses--they were extra-terrestrials, right? Because Iain has got all this video and were going to sell it to finance a coffee outreach to republicans, to teach them how to be church!