Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Plarvik '08

Hey everybody! Super news! The new yard signs, banners, buttons, T-Shirts, pennants, car-flags, bumperstickers, and contraceptive wrappers are in! These can be purchased for a nominal contribution fee at the SOV2 bookstore.

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Nils Larssen said...

Dym Tim,

What's happening? I had to go over to Ashville to get a working e-mail!

All the tribal funds have been diverted from our bannk accounts to something called the Intergalactic Vehhicle Project, and except for our original copies all records of the resevation and treaties have disappeared! Some loggers, who say they are a subsidiary of HRW Inc. are cutting down the Walnut groves we planted in 1903, our peach and cherry orchards have been cut down, and things are looking bleak!

Plus, my computer keeps replaying a screen saver of Dcn Carnehad in a clerical swim suit, dancing with that Mychael/Michaela person in a tutu!

I'll make you a deal--If you help with this, the whole tribe, except for the Medicine Lodge, will vote for you as Bishop. Heck, the weavers guild will even weave you vestments out of hempen fibre and traditional bark clothe!