Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Prayer

Hey everybody. Well, our Liturgical Enhancement Committee has been hard at work coming up with new and relevant prayers for the part of the mass where we get to make up our own things (the part that the OCP doesn't mandate). Anyway, here is a great new prayer that really expresses worship from the viewpoint of a Thinking Catholic:
‘Spirit, I thank you,
that I am not like the rest of people,
conspicuous consumers,
or even like the radical traditionalists.

I subscribe to "America".
I support my local VOTF.
I recycle and drive a Prius. Amyn’
Peace out!


Anonymous said...

I think I just saw an Angel....puke!

Laurie said...

I used to work Sunday afternoons in a library. Every week when I arrived at work, the parking lot would be full of Priuses. There were maybe a dozen cars, seven or eight of which were Priuses. Two were from Vermont, with VOTE FOR BERNIE [Sanders] bumper stickers. I thought it was an environmental group or Prius owners group or something.

It took me a few months for the real reason to hit me--people were still hanging out from the 10:30 service at the Unitarian church across the street.