Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sermon, Janus 31, 73rd year of Program Inception

On confronting SPs.

Sisters and Brothers of the Vision: It is I, president H. Chelovell. How it warms my heart to see you laboring to bring HRW technology to the unclear! What passion for the mission I see in each one of you! You are a mighty army of light in darkness, peoples of Endology! Your 19 trillion year legacy from the very pinacle of ordered chaos that was the alpha now brings you closer and closer towards that final goal of entering the realm of final unveiling. Yet to know the truth too soon would spell disaster for the GE which though advanced in many ways now, still in some ways remains a primitive self-conception. That empty plane, marked only by the tracks of my lonely footprints, is being even now built and prepared for you.

The vehicle of which I speak, no not the machine of being (MB) to which many bow down and arise only after millenia and even now distracts some of you from the proper course, the true vehicle is real metal and steel and yet powered not by the oil of the corpses of the primitive but my will which changes reality.

Yet how, when they scoff at you and try to lead you astray with their own self-deceptions may you withstand? Ah? Yes. I hear some of you say: The answer is the "Confronting your Inner Biggot" e-course from Villanoce college on-line. You will say that you have already self-actualized? Really? Then why do you listen to what the SPs say? Why do you listen to their chatter, their snickering, their monkey-like laughs? This is the remnants of the confusion General Glaxon sowed at the Arrival 250,000 years ago.

Ask yourself - how do I feel? Is this feeling a self-negation? If so then it must be rejected. Only self-positive feelings are permitted. Do not let conventions interrupt your progressive journey towards unrestrained self-requiting personal betterment. Your hosility towards others is not motivated by self-justification but by self-hatred as what you hate in others is in fact what you hate in yourself and a vestigal memory related to your past life as a bivalve when you gasped for air among the waves that shattered you on the primordial beachhead.

And do not forget that as an Endologist you are the only one who can help. If you do not know how to help... learn. There are many other courses at Villanoce College on-line such as: "Embracing the Eternal Feminine", "Social Justice and the Feminine Ideal," "History of Matrisitical Wisdom," "Gay and Lesbian Art a new Perspective in Diversity of Form," and "From Permissive Culture to Affirmative Culture - A Study in Political Action."

Remember, all proceeds from these courses go directly to funding the Ubergeist Intergalactic Vehicle project.

Live on in the Vision of HRW,

H. Chelovell

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